Boy howdy I’m behind on documenting all that’s going on around here. It was 80s day at school.  2012-09-26 iPhone 61243I was mad we didn’t have any Forenza sweaters or big belts… Claire went to a cheerleading camp with her cousin and a friend.2012-09-28 misc 60846She thought she died and went to Heaven with those HUNDREDS  of other girls doing cheers for a real football game. Here she is waving her goodbyes when when she was done.2012-09-28 misc 60897 Cousins:2012-09-28 misc 609032012-09-28 misc 60910 When she was done we went to our own football game.  We spotted Max:2012-09-28 iPhone 61269 …and Elle:2012-09-28 iPhone 61270Brought back so many high school memories. Man have I mentioned how much I love having these teenagers? Soccer season started.2012-09-29 iPhone 612762012-09-29 misc 609182012-09-29 misc 60938 Volleyball season started too…2012-09-29 misc 609452012-09-29 misc 60961 Max’s hair grew and gave him volleyball superpowers.2012-09-29 misc 60953 Then we chopped it off.2012-10-13 Lake Powell 62511 But he still had power.2012-10-13 Lake Powell 625132012-10-13 Lake Powell 625202012-10-13 Lake Powell 625242012-10-13 Lake Powell 62530 His scrappy cheering squad.2012-10-13 iPhone 63736 We live in a beautiful place.2012-09-20 Barney ranch 604852012-09-20 Barney ranch 604882012-09-21 iPhone 61194 I was running at the gym one day and had to stop and take a pic. of this cool sky.2012-09-20 iPhone 611642012-09-23 iPhone 61228 We celebrated one of my best friends birthdays in the big city.2012-09-20 family 61360 Grace tried out a lyrical dance class.  2012-09-18 iPhone 61151I went to watch the end and as I watched her dance with all that emotion I got a little teary.  It was so beautiful.  So now she’s enrolled in the class and LOVES dance. Night-time reading:2012-06 reading Lucy made a very realistic rendition of her body in Kindergarten:2012-09-20 iPhone 61169 We escaped for a couple days up to the mountains.2012-09-21 iPhone 61200 We went to visit the national monument…2012-09-22 iPhone 61212 …a blow-up one at the Constitution Fair 🙂 It was a cool night complete with a show of airplanes…2012-09-22 iPhone 61213 …and Elle’s friend performing.2012-09-22 family 61362 Jr. Primary chorister stuff is going well.  I’m in love with those kids and I’m trying my darnedest to learn all their names.  The Primary Program went great.  I brought my helium balloon “friend” for someone to hold in the back of the chapel (there’s a face you can’t see very well).  When the kids were singing really well, he was happy and went way up high.  When they were too soft to hear he shrunk down.  2012-09-30 iPhone 61294It worked wonders in the practice, not so hot in the real deal, but I still loved that guy as much as Lucy did… We celebrated birthdays with the cousins.2012-09-30 iPhone 61297 Grace had to give up part of her hard-earned cash to go to science camp:2012-09-30 misc 60969 But in the end I think she felt every penny was well worth it.2012-10-03 cooking 61731 Claire is doing tennis.2012-10-04 iPhone 63698 Love these girls.2012-10-05 iPhone 63700 Love these boys…off to priesthood.2012-10-06 iPhone 63709 Loved conference.2012-10-07 conference weekend 61846 Traditional conference cinnamon rolls were delish.2012-10-07 conference weekend 61852 Lucy came up with her own special activity as she listened:2012-10-07 conference weekend 618542012-10-07 conference weekend 61857 The weather is finally cooling off enough we can go to the park when we have time on Sunday evenings.  2012-10-07 conference weekend 61911 Claire offered to walk Lucy to school with her one day instead of her usual bus-riding routine.  Man oh man was that girl strutting with pride walking along clutching her sister’s hand.  2012-10-08 iPhone 63715Heart melter. Elle had a choir performance.2012-10-10 music performances 619822012-10-10 music performances 61983 Our high school music program is pretty outstanding.2012-10-10 music performances 619962012-10-10 iPhone 63726 Claire had a music performance too.2012-10-11 iPhone 637272012-10-11 music performances 619982012-10-11 music performances 62007 Sometimes the girls like to have matching hair-dos.2012-10-12 iPhone 63730 Love these cute friends.2012-10-12 music performances 62016 En route to Lake Powell for Fall Break.2012-10-13 iPhone 637482012-10-13 iPhone 63751 Dave and I went to Walmart like this to finish off the food prep for the trip.2012-10-14 iPhone 63753 Lucy no longer qualifies for speech therapy.  It was a bitter/sweet last day with her speech therapist who has been coming to our house every week for three years.2012-10-12 iPhone 63729 We will miss her but so glad Lu is doing so well. Uncle Tal came to town from NYC for a wedding.  We sure adore that boy.  He makes things fun around here.  He “kidnapped” the kids in the morning and took them to breakfast and took Max and Elle on a little driving lesson in the church parking lot (wish I had a pic. of their ear-to-ear grins about that one). Then he jumped in the freezing cold pool with the girls fully clothed.2012-10-20 Tal's visit 635262012-10-20 Tal's visit 635272012-10-20 Tal's visit 63528They got their breath knocked out with the chill but how cool is that? It’s all about making memories I tell you.2012-10-20 Tal's visit 63542 Love these brothers of mine.2012-10-20 Tal's visit 63545 And with that, I’m off to chaperone the third-grade field trip to the farm. 

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  1. Ok…I have to ask. HOW, HOW, HOW do you do it all???? Your kids seem so involved in everything which is great but I just really don't see how you do it. Please advise 😉

  2. I love when you do blogs like this that just list and show a lot of random things, I love looking at your pictures, everything looks so fun!!

  3. i love these posts too!!!
    Ok, I have a question, I can only imagine how much you spend every month on classes ( swim, tennis, dance, soccer) with 5 kids ( unless it's way cheaper there than where I live)!! So, do the kids have to pay for some of the classes, or is that something that you guys pay for?

    I love that you run to the gym ahahha!

  4. I absolutely love your blog! I am 15 years old and I love reading your blog so that I can prepare to be an awesome mom like you! It's also nice to read about the fun things Max and Elle do too b/c they're lds and have the same standards I do 🙂 You're amazing!

  5. Hi! I just found your blog and have enjoyed so much reading about your family. My daughter also has a rare genetic syndrome (CdlS) so I completely understand so many of your posts and emotions of going through a diagnosis like that. I also LOVE you "keeping it real." I try to do that on my blog as well. Looking forward to reading more!!

  6. Dear Shawni,
    I have to say I just started following your blog and you along with your beautiful family have completely touched my heart! Whenever I have down time, I love to catch up on your past posts! Your great advice, wisdom, compassion for life and your family shine through your writing, your photos and your gorgeous smile! You are such an inspiration and I want to thank you for continuing to post in your "online diary!" I am newly married (August 4th to be exact!) and you are such a role model for me in the way you believe that your husband, then your family comes first. Your traditions and family values and morals are something to emulate! I just wanted to say thank you! You keep it real and honest and it has been so much fun reading 71 Toes!! 😉

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