I know I’m a little biased, but I think she did such a great job:)

(It’s just a two-minute devotional, a different person shares thoughts each day and today was Elle’s day.)

If you don’t have the Come Follow Me app yet, I’d highly recommend it. We have been using it each morning for scripture study and we are loving it. It looks like this:

Elle’s story reminds me of the couple questions I asked on Instagram a week or so ago:

I got some of the best answers.

These are a couple screenshots of some of the factors causing division (I don’t know how to show all of them…and I wish I did, because there are some great ones!)

I will still try to screenshot and write down a larger catch from more people, but for now I wanted to talk about what people thought was the biggest antidote.

And really, again, there were so many good answers but I think they could all boil down to this:

The antidote to division in our world is “seeing people.”

Getting to know their stories. Everyone has one.

We are all coming from different places.

Just like Elle’s example of getting to know her neighbor with the yapping dogs.

When we seek to LISTEN, and to really get to know people, we learn to LOVE them.

Even people who are so different from us. Because we realize we’re all vulnerable. We all have our own stories. We’re all dealing with something. We’re all in this together.

And I think that’s such a beautiful thing.

Thanks Elle, for teaching our little family lesson today! Love you forever.

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  1. I listened to Elle’s Come Follow Me reel (which was great!) and my mind was blown—I always thought her name was pronounced like the letter “L”! I didn’t realize it was pronounced “L-E” 🤯 Now I know!

    1. It’s funny because she goes by everything…Elle pronounced “L” like you thought, Elle like she pronounced it, but mostly she goes by Wellesley these days so you never know how she’s going to introduce herself. (In Hawaii she only went by Wellesley, that’s what Carson calls her.) She has a lot of choices when it comes to introducing herself! 😉

  2. YES came here to say the same thing!! I was always assuming it was pronouned like the French word …

    She did such a lovely job!

    1. Dave and I always call her Elle (pronounced “L”), but she grew up going by Elle (“L-E”) and now Wellesley. Grace and Lucy always call her Wellesley. Funny.

  3. It was amazing to see the responses you received from your questions on Instagram. So, so sad that comparison and judgement were stated the most
    😥 Elle did a beautiful job

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