Come join us at the Gilbert Turkey Trot!!

This is our 12th year at this sucker and every year is a new adventure.

Sure, so much stays the same, but SO much changes: New traffic patterns to deal with, new sponsors to find, meetings with the town of Gilbert, so many details with the start and finish lines to make sure are perfect, race bibs, registration, timing, music selection, sound system, set up, blah blah blah.

Hundreds of logistics to deal with, as you might guess when you watch this video from last year:

(Created by Blake Barney who is the best!)

So when I hear this Turkey Trot “dream team” in the game room planning away, with bursts of laughter every few minutes, I feel so grateful that they make all that work and logistics-ironing-out pretty dang fun.

Love that my cute sister-in-law Kara is there to keep some order 🙂

…and once in a while Ruth comes too (the founder of BrainFood, the other charity we raise money for aside for Families Fighting Blindness on the big day).

So excited for the big day coming up that’s gone from this:

To this:

To this:

My favorite way to spend Thanksgiving morning.

If you want to come join us, there are lots more details on the website HERE.


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