I came across this picture the other day and it made me stop in my tracks.

Because I love them.

So much.

And sometimes I take it for granted that I get to live with them.

And snuggle up with them. And talk with them.

And send them off into their days, and then welcome them home again.

I get to cook for them, and even clean up after them.

Sometimes we fight. Sometimes we slam doors. But we make up and we learn and we grow together. All those “regular days” where we don’t even realize the beauty that connection is doing to our minds and our hearts.

The little things turn into the big things, and I’m just so glad I get to do those little daily things with these people…

…and that I’ve had that opportunity with all the others I love so much who are now out “flying,” making their own way.

Family is a beautiful, working sphere where we get to learn to forgive and repent and humble ourselves and learn the power of unconditional love.

So today I challenge us all to do one thing to build these families of ours. Whether it’s the ones we are raising or the ones who raised us.

Call someone we haven’t talked to in a while.

Mend a misunderstanding.

Forgive. Even if it doesn’t make sense.

Show extra interest in something a family member is interested in. (Even if you’ve watched that same “trick” your toddler has done 427 times:)

Get curious.

Find a way to strengthen those bonds.

Because those bonds are the most powerful things in the world. And sometimes, if you’re like me, it can be easy to take them for granted.

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