I was in a bad mood today.

One of those “woe is me” moods because despite my most valiant efforts to teach them differently, my kids think dirty socks go on the floor in the kitchen. And they think the place for their homework is strewn across the counter. And they are dramatic. And I didn’t have the one ingredient I needed for dinner I thought I had so our schedule got all messed up, and I was late to take the girls to gymnastics again and I had to wait on hold with the health insurance forever and got disconnected twice which makes me mad as a hornet. And I didn’t practice with Grace on her piano recital piece again and I have that guilty feeling because she really needs help. Plus I’ve slacked off on P90X for the last couple months so now that I’ve started into it hard-core again I was so stiff today I could barely walk, let alone pick up five pairs of dirty socks haphazardly tossed around the house.
But then I came across this picture tonight:
And that’s all it took to realize once again: I’m the luckiest girl in the world.

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  1. Oh yes, have had a few of those days lately. Not fun. Then I go in and look at my daughter when she is asleep and all my frustration melts away in an instant.

  2. I had to laugh about socks in the kitchen. I thought I was the only one with that problem! It seems like there is a little, dirty, wadded up ankle sock in every corner of my house. And don't get me started about how people at my house think it is okay to put dog toys on my kitchen counter…blech! Thank goodness that children have a way of showing us every day how lucky we are to have those wadded up socks lying all over.

  3. I find socks nearly everyhere: in the shoe basket, under the sofa, stuffed in toy boxes, and of course on the floor, next to the hamper.
    And then they wonder why there's no socks in their dresser drawers?!!

    wv:herspas as in, Mama wishes she could go to her spas.

  4. I so understand those days and I just have one (for now). No matter how many times you tell her I still find her shoes exactly where she took them off in the middle of the kitchen floor. That is a beautiful picture Shawni!

  5. Those smiles…they get us every time! I love their coordinating outfits! They are such pretty kids!

    Don't be too hard on yourself. Life is tough with the ages your kids are. One day at a time. You do a great job!!

  6. Totally relate on every single thing you said:-) It always seizes to amaze me that my girls can remember every word they just read in a book, but can't remember a simple act that has been told to them over 100xs. Gotta love these precious little ones, who help us grow! Your family is beautiful.

  7. Oh yes, we all have those days/moments where it seems like we do all the work (and I think sometimes we do!! 🙂
    So glad you found a picture of your beautiful kids to remind you how special they are!!
    Happy Wednesday!
    Here's hoping today is better!

  8. Thank heavens it is a new day. The good thing is you ended the day on a positive note…looking at those beautiful kids and being grateful for them. Mothering is not always easy or fun.

    Hang in there! You are a fabulous mom.

  9. You are lucky yes, to be sure, but valid in your frustration. I just started collecting socks that were left laying around, or the 9, YES 9pairs of socks that I pulled out from under the couch. It was an Aha moment, but I was angry that that's what had happened to them. The socks get put in a zippered laundry bag and left in the laundry room. I refuse to wash anything that can't make it into the hamper. They'll catch on.

  10. How I loved this post. I recently found your blog through Clover Lane, and I so enjoy it! Isn't it wonderful that one sweet picture of funny comment from our children can snap us right out of a foul mood? Happens to me all of the time. But amen to the socks in the kitchen and homework everywhere. I want to say to my kids…"Really? Are you new here???" But, given how hard I worked to get those kiddos here, at least I have them to leave socks and homework everywhere. 🙂

  11. I had the exact same experience yesterday! Tired of cleaning messes that get messed up again, cooking meals everyone complains about, doing laundry that gets worn again….then my kids made the cute video I posted on my blog today and it made me smile and things were good (though, there's still laundry waiting…).

  12. wonderful post. A great reminder. You really are lucky to have such a beautiful family. I too had a night like that last night. The morning was great though. I just wish I could have kept that feeling all throughout the day.

  13. Very lucky lady! They are beautiful 🙂 And I sometimes have to remind myself that having a house to clean at all is a huge blessing 🙂 Happy spring, Shawni!

  14. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who has days like that. I thought this today as I picked up about 200 rubber bands two different times. Oh well just another day in paradise. But like you said we all have plenty to be grateful for.

  15. I think we are all guilty of getting so angry for the things they leave out. I always say, "Hey I'm not the maid and I don't even get paid"! But I do, they are the payment, but when you are in the moment it is easier to just get angry!

    Gorgeous picture of the kids!

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