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I know I post too many pictures of Lucy but I can’t help myself…she’s my baby. We had a fun weekend complete with cousin sleep-overs and swimming and a BBQ with friends. (highs) We also ventured to take the kids to play tennis and within minutes of hitting the court all our faces were beet red and we were dying of the heat (in our defense it was overcast in the morning so we thought we could swing it). (low) So Dave and I sent the kids to jump in the pool and we rallied for a while. I love trying to hit that ball as hard as I can back to Dave, but we didn’t last too long in the sun, and had to join the kids in the pool before we got heat stroke.

I must admit these cousins are pretty darn cute…
even with their oh-so-serious facial spa mask pose.
I love how much they look out for each other
and are so sweet to each other.

Then tonight I had to drop Dave off at the airport for an 8-day trip to China. (low)

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  1. I would be mad if I didn’t get to see all the great pictures, so don’t apologize! The pics of the cousins are amazing too. Glad you had fun. Sorry Dave is going to be gone that long. Let me know if I can watch the girls for you one day to give you some time off!

  2. All those girls look so grown up, especially Brimley!! We definitely need to get down to Arizona ASAP, as usual, love the pics- the picture on the bed, yellow background is adorable, is that color corrected or is your wall really that color??

  3. AH! I love your photos! And your new banner looks great. Okay, I had the craziest dream the other night that you were doing my hair. Strange, I know. Then I look at your blog and see this post on hair cuts. Funny, huh? J

  4. thanks for the compliments on my blog.

    my husband started doing weddings with his grandpa when he was ten and since his mission he kinda dropped out of the photography world. when we had kids i didn’t want to pay the prices at photo studios and i love a more real look so i started to take pics of them myself which sparked that interest in him again. we love to do it together it’s probably the ONLY intrest we have in common. 🙂

    FYI we love josh too he is an amazing person. all of the kids just adore him…especially the girls. 🙂

    sorry about your husband being gone i can totally empathize. my husband is in europe for three week, we have 11 days till he gets home.

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