Two years ago I held this tiny little newborn in my arms and had no idea what was in store for me. For my kids. For our family. For our neighbor’s ears.

I had no idea the effect she would have on us, or on our hearts. She has turned them all to mush. She has wrapped herself into all our lives so tight that I have no idea what in the world we would ever do without her.

Two years ago I sat in my tiny hospital room and gazed into her blue eyes.

I held her close.

I soaked her in every second I could.

Because I knew this was it…the end.

And boy oh boy has this little girl been loved, and has shown us even more how to love.

Claire’s prayers still always thank Heavenly Father that we have “the cutest baby in the world.”

Max told me yesterday that the new “thing” he and his friends like to do at our house is play with Lucy.

Elle still makes me smile every time she slings Lu up on her hip…I wonder at how her toothpick legs can hold up such a solid baby.

Claire HAS to tackle her with a HUGE hug every time she sees her, much to Lucy’s chagrin.

Grace absolutely cannot go to sleep without kissing her goodnight.

Here are a few things you may not know about Lucy:

She is super, duper feisty. Oh wait, you already know that.

She LOVES dogs…you probably know that too.Lucy is the only one in our whole family with blue eyes. Love those piercing blue pools (that are often filled with pools of tears in one of her tantrums).Lucy LOVES to drink water. She will drink sippy cup after sippy cup of water all day long.

She LOVES her blanket….And her babies.
There was time I thought maybe she’d never really be attached to stuff like my other kids were. Boy was I ever wrong. When she gets her vice grip on these favorites of hers, there’s no letting go.

She knows how to say “please” in sign language now. It’s killing me it’s so darn cute. Instead of rubbing her hand in a circular motion on her chest as she’s supposed to, she rubs her hand in a circle all around her huge belly as she smiles and nods her head, accentuating her great double chins with each nod.

She also has her own version of “more:”Her version of saying “yes” is a huffy little delighted laugh that makes her eyes sparkle more than ever.

We don’t feed Lucy things with sugar in them if we can help it. We figure with her physique she’s gonna be just fine without a bunch of cookies, and she doesn’t seem to notice the difference. This theory was great until she started realizing what mouthwatering stuff is in that Kitchen Aid mixer at our house on a continual basis. She had had enough of the deprivation this day:
Man we love this girl. My question is, how in the world did she go from this:…to this, in such record speed?Ok, she just woke up and we’re off to celebrate. The older kids are so darn excited about her big day it’s almost comical. They have big plans for this evening.

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  1. they just grow up way too fast. Eat her up every minute becasue she is just so adorable. Hope you all had a great day celebrating with her.

  2. Oh man we love that girl! My favorite thing is those huge crocodile tears that stay puddled on her cheeks forever. Even when they finally evaporate, you can see where they’ve been! You may not enjoy the sound effect that go with them but I LOVE it!
    Happy Birthday little Lucy! Your Grammie and Grandfather love you!!!

  3. Okay I am totally in love with that little girl. I sure hope to meet her one day. I love that your kids love her so much, what a sweetheart. Shawni, your pictures are classic. What a fun treasure for those kids to have when they grow up. Happy birthday Lucy!!

  4. Whew! I just caught up on your blog… I’ve had a lot of family in town lately (MY Grandma, and now my Dad and my husband’s Dad…) so we’ve been playing DC tour guide lately. Anyway- I love this post (and all of your other posts/photos!) because you say so perfectly how I feel about our 17 month old Jillian- where has the time gone and why do her feet hang over the edge of a car seat vs. the little tiny baby blob we first brought home?!?! I’m itching for another….

  5. She looks so grown up especially with her hair down. I haven’t seen her hair down much. I love the pictures and didn’t know she was the only one with blue eyes.

  6. Lucy is so cute!!! I love her chubby cheeks!! I can’t believe how fast they grow up. You have some adorable pictures of her.

    How do you know Cheryl? In Kentucky? Call me! Lunch sounds great.

  7. Shawni I am in tears from laughing right now. I LOVE those pictures of Lucy! The one of her eating the cookies on the floor and the one with chocolate all over her face. Man she is so stinking cute!
    I felt this way when Sienna turned 2 in May…it is sad when you know it’s your last. Time goes way to fast.
    And about your most recent post….you have 5 kids! You do a lot better than me and I only have 4.
    You can tell your kids are so loved and well adjusted. You just gotta do the best you can. They are going to grow up happy and strong because they have you for a mom! Sorry so long!

  8. I love reading your blog! I cant say it enough, I even get Tony to come in and read it with me! That is rare!!! You have such a beautiful family and the way you tell your stories/experiences are amazing! You are such a great mom, I want to be just like you and enjoy all of those little moments!

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