It was Lucy’s birthday back on October 1st.

That girl is good at planning/celebrating birthdays I tell you.

The Sunday before the big day she sweet-talked us into having a little pizookie get-together with her friends. You know, just to get the birthday-ball rolling. We told her it was pretty last-minute and we didn’t know who would be able to make it but what to you know, I think every one of those girls showed up:

(are those not the most darling girls?)

Played the name-game and ate a gazillion cookies:

On the real-deal day we had our traditional bday breakfast:

…traditional candy bar poster:

…took her out to her favorite for lunch: Firehouse Subs:

She was pleased as punch when I showed up with our tandem bike “decorated” after school:

Yep, a pink balloon and a blue streamer on the handlebars were pretty exciting…oh and Bo Jangles was a good added touch 🙂

Her Young Women leaders came for a visit and a hug:

She got some good FaceTime calls:

(Love that she and Grace happened to be matching…and yes that’s not Lu up there talking to Elle and Lar but they missed her so that picture was to show her…and Max and Abby called too, but I don’t have that one documented. Those siblings sure love their sister!)

Bo, maybe not so much. But Lucy sure adores that pup of hers! And Texas sheetcake too (her cake of choice):

Her cousin and her family came to say hi and bring her a little gift, how sweet is that?

More visitors:

Gosh, all that sweetness almost made up for the fact that she had mountains of homework!

Love you Lu!

Speaking of birthdays, I have to go ahead and add that it’s my Dad’s birthday this very day!

And we celebrated early last night because they just got here to get to see Claire’s last volleyball game on Tuesday so since we were TOGETHER we could celebrate early!

(Oh and because Lucy figured it would be best to have cake last night since today is going to be too busy…yep, did I mention she’s good at planning birthdays? What would we do without her!?)

Oh boy, that guy is one in a million. Growing up I could tell him anything, any time. It was full trust and he “got” me. He is a true renaissance man in that he can ride horses, play tennis every week, knows everything there is to know about politics and sports, can whip out a poem like nobody’s business, takes life lightly yet takes it deep and fully creating goals and dreams, always seeking guidance from above. And he knows how to “love more” in the most intentional and beautiful ways. I am the luckiest to call him my dad.

Happy Birthday Dad! And Lu! Love you both forever and ever.

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  1. Happy Birthday Wishes!!!🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈

  2. Hey! Just wondering who takes the photos when you are in them like the one above with your dad’s bday cake? 🙂 Trying to figure that out for my own family 🙂

  3. What. a glorious celebratory month! Both my parents were also born in October! Must t be reserved for very special people!! Thanks for making every birthday so special…especiall Dad’s this year.

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