Oh there is so much I want to write about. How is it possible that Christmas was only a few days ago??

But since I am wrapped up with my family for a few more days, and so grateful for this time I get with them, for now here’s a post I wrote before Christmas and never had the chance to post.

Here we go:

The first few days of December revolved around Lucy and her SIX concerts for MCO.

That is a LOT of concerts I have to say!

On the first day I picked her up early from school and stayed there all day long since I was a parent volunteer and I always like to volunteer at the beginning because get nervous about her finding her way with all the stage/location changes since there are 1,200 singers performing.

Nope, I didn’t type that wrong, there are SO MANY KIDS!! Which makes for an amazing performance, but I always get so worried about Lucy. She can’t recognize faces to get around and she really doesn’t know anyone.

But you know what? As I watched her (and tried to stay out of her business…fierce independence as you know), I was so overcome with gratitude and peace about how she handles things. She really is such a strong advocate for herself. She figures things out. She asks for help when she needs it and she is OK.

And I said many silent prayers of gratitude for her. All of her. She glows from the inside out.

Here’s the view from the back of the stage during the run-through:

Also, so very grateful for MCO. For that music that seems to vibrate through her, she simply has to dance along with the words, she FEELS it. And I can’t think of anything better for her, so I thank my lucky stars for this organization to make her feel more whole.

This is the only picture I got at the concert…with this darling girl we carpool with.

Here’s Lucy making a “six” after she finished her SIXTH concert:

So proud of her.

Love her forever.

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  1. Lucy & Grace look so much alike! Your daughters are such beauties!
    Lucy might like to know that she inspired me through your blog to take up handbells. I’ve seen you post about her concerts through the years and I always thought that was such a unique and cool opportunity. Just this last year, a handbell choir opened in my area, and I got to join! They are such a beautiful instrument, especially for Christmas time. Thanks for sharing about that genre of music and inspiring me to give it a try!

  2. I can’t believe how grown up Lucy is looking. I love updates on her. She is such an inspiration to me. I was just diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease and Lucy has helped me navigate it a little easier even though I’m 20 years older than her. I appreciate her bravery and willingness to share her struggles and accomplishments. I think she is AMAZING!!!

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