I’m a little overloaded with Lucy posts lately but boy this girl has had a LOT going on!

We figured Lucy’s birthday came at a good time.

A perfect time to gather a bunch of kids together to help her get to know them better.

The only problem was that we were leaving on her very birthday for all that Wisconsin jazz (back here) so we had the party a little early.

I wish I had a picture of Grace and Claire talking through all different kinds of party ideas with her. 

They told her she must have a theme and helped her narrow down the options. 
2013-09-20 iPhone 882762013-09-20 iPhone 88280We all made up the invitations together on Photoshop.  Lucy was a little bit worried at first because she really wanted Ariel on there, but Grace and Claire talked her out of it and she relented with the cutest “whatevs” I’ve heard.

We got busy on the “ocean” cake.2013-09-24 Lucy's birthday 884152013-09-24 Lucy's birthday 88416
…and the decorating.2013-09-24 Lucy's birthday 88418
They all helped color the “pin the tail on the mermaid.”2013-09-25 Lucy's birthday 88421
…and we dolled the cake up.2013-09-25 Lucy's birthday 88429
…complete with some fishes swimming upside-down.2013-09-25 Lu's party 88943
Grace typed up the party plan:2013-09-25 Lucy's birthday 88434
…and wrote up a little list of all the last minute things we needed to do:2013-09-25 Lucy's birthday 88432I think she needs to go into party planning business some day.

Grace’s friend Chloe came along to help as well.  2013-09-26 Lucy's birthday 88436
…and Claire was the main leader of the get-to-know-you game.2013-09-25 Lu's party 88862

We made necklaces:2013-09-25 Lu's party 888682013-09-25 Lu's party 88869

Pinned the tail on the mermaid:2013-09-25 Lu's party 888732013-09-25 Lu's party 88877(They’re taking their jobs very seriously.)2013-09-25 Lu's party 88878

Played “fish, fish, shark:”2013-09-25 Lu's party 888822013-09-25 Lu's party 88885
All these sweet girls warmed my heart.2013-09-25 Lu's party 88892
Did an “under-the-sea” dance on the trampoline complete with a bubble machine:2013-09-25 Lu's party 889012013-09-25 Lu's party 889182013-09-25 Lu's party 889242013-09-25 Lu's party 88927

…and did a game where you got to jump in the pool and retrieve a balloon when your “swimsuit style” was called (stripes, flowers, pink, etc.):2013-09-25 Lu's party 88932After they got their balloon they popped it open and found a treat inside.

That was the part of the party remembered and loved the most by Lucy.

Maybe it was because my brother Josh came up with and MC’d the game 🙂2013-09-25 Lu's party 889392013-09-25 Lu's party 88949
I also sneakily left Josh to fend for himself in the cake-cutting process…which is no easy task when everyone wants a fish or some seaweed or some “rocks.”2013-09-25 Lu's party 88951Of course he made everyone happy.

I loved watching Lu read all her birthday cards.2013-09-25 Lu's party 88954Such kind, sweet girls brought her so many great things, many of which we got to use on our Wisconsin trip which was so perfect.  I feel like I want to write all the moms nice thank you notes right along with Lu’s notes to their daughters.

One of Lucy’s friends is Elle’s kindergarten teacher’s daughter.

I think Elle may have grown a bit since those days…2013-09-25 Lu's party 88958
Nana and Papa came to help celebrate before we left.2013-09-29 Lucy's birthday 88505
…and the cousins all came over to help blow out some candles.2013-09-29 Lucy's birthday 88507
(Along with cousin Hunter who’s birthday was a few days earlier.)2013-09-29 Lucy's birthday 88513

Family birthday breakfast:2013-10-01 Lucy's birthday 885332013-10-01 Lucy's birthday 885412013-10-01 Lucy's birthday 885432013-10-01 Lucy's birthday 88545
She wanted to be sure we did a “treasure hunt.”2013-10-01 Lucy's birthday 88551

After Max and Elle left the other girls and I made up her “treat” for school.2013-09-30 Lucy's birthday 88523
(Rainbow fruit kebobs…trying to bring healthy-option birthday treats into style 🙂2013-09-30 Lucy's birthday 88522

Those kids couldn’t get enough of those things (along with a tiny applesauce/pumpkin muffin).2013-09-30 iPhone 886332013-09-30 iPhone 88634
Our sweet neighbors did this:2013-10-01 Lucy's birthday 88554
(Thanks Ashby and Emma and Brooklyn!)

And with that, we were off to Wisconsin.

Whew.  Now that’s a birthday I think was well celebrated!

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  1. Adorable! It looks like Lucy had a perfect day! What a great idea to take a healthy celebration treat to the class! Thank you for sharing such a fun memory with us!

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