Look who turned three last week:Oh man, have I mentioned that we adore this girl??

And oh my word, I am quite sure that our other four kids were MUCH more excited about it than she was. They wrapped and decorated everything pretty much by themselves the night before. They kept reminding her all day long in cute little voices that it was, indeed, her birthday.

They made opening her presents more exciting for her because they were so excited themselves.
But she only got to unwrapping a couple presents for her morning breakfast party because she pretty much stopped at her Elmo book from her Nana and Papa and her Elmo figurines.
She loves stuff like this.
So the rest of her gifts sat lonely on the table waiting to be opened all day.
We got to go help Lu celebrate in her preschool class. I say “we” because all her sisters insisted I come get them out of class to help too. (I still can’t believe they all four of my girls go to the same school right now.)Uncle Josh came to help us celebrate that night.
She unwrapped more presents…
…but really, she was pleased as punch to just hang with some Yatzee dice she found in the game closet.She was so excited about her own doggie cake.
…and that she got to eat it…

The next night we had Lu’s birthday tradition of camping out in the back yard.

Not sure why this became her tradition last year since she still isn’t quite up to sleeping in the tent…But someday she will, and for now, she sure had fun for the pre-sleeping hoopla.
And the other kids? Well, I think it’s safe to say they like this tradition too…
The older kids had a jumping competition.…and Lucy and Claire were happy to just color.
We played Lu’s favorite game (Memory).
…and snuggled her up before tucking her in her own “tent” that keeps her in her crib.
Love you, Lucy!!

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  1. Love lucy's kissable cheeks. Love that dog cake (you are so creative) Can you please come make cakes for my kids. I use to do it and now have just given myself to the ice cream cake store since my kids don't eat cake anyways.
    Love the backyard camping. My kids love to camp and what a good idea to do it the backyard, less mess and dirt and easy drive to camp spot.

    Why can't we be neighbors???

  2. How fun! There aren't many places you can camp out in the back yard on October 1st and not have to wear coats! Looks spectacular! That girl is just so squeezable! What a cutie!

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