Tomorrow hopefully I’ll get to post about Elle and Carson’s sealing at the temple (loved it so much).

But for today let’s talk about Lighting the World (in continuation from the last post and our fav. Christmas tradition…something else I love so much).

And how Lucy and her choir sure did just that at their MCO concert this last weekend.

Oh, there were some tough things leading into this concert, I will tell you that right now. It was not all butterflies and rainbows. Lucy’s emotions because her concerts conflicted with a couple of her new basketball games, along with some other tough dynamics. Lucy’s friend who was doing MCO with her had some conflicts and had to take a little hiatus a couple months ago, so this choir has lost a small part of it’s savor for Lucy, that girl of mine swirling in that sea of unfamiliar faces each week. I think it must be so difficult to make new friends when you can’t see faces. And Lucy does NOT want help. She just wants to be like everyone else. So there are some tough dynamics there.

But oh! To see that girl’s face just glowing on the stage with the depths of beauty that comes from incredible music. She agreed she would never trade that.

It was incredible: that stage and the balconies filled up with kids and adults just singing their hearts out, that gorgeous auditorium just filled right up to bursting with their energy.

I was a volunteer for the dress rehearsal. There were some tough dynamics with my girl who didn’t want help. Each choir moves on and off the stage multiple times, to the balconies and back, hundreds of kids, and she didn’t have anyone to help guide her through the transitions which is hard for a mom to watch. But those directors are incredible and got her matched up with a sweet girl who was able to help her keep track of the flow.

And as I watched her learn to maneuver it all from my incognito spot, I started to realize she really can do this. This girl of mine who figures out how to do the “impossible” over and over again. Also as I watched, I was so overwhelmed, once again, with how powerful music is.


I couldn’t wait for the night Dave and I got to go.

(Couldn’t take pictures during the performance but that was before it began.)

I was on the edge of my seat the whole time in awe of that director, literally dancing to keep everyone going, orchestra included.

In awe of the talent it takes to put something together like that.

In awe of the power of the spirit that comes from good music to move you.

In awe thinking of each of those hundreds of singers, especially the kids and teenagers, who are being infused with the most beautiful light as they sing that music. You could tell they could FEEL it in themselves even as they were giving it to us, the audience through their singing.

It was incredible.

There was one song where one of the choirs started in the back of the auditorium. As they walked up to the stage through the isles, spilling out the most beautiful singing, they lit their own little (battery operated) candles as they walked up to the stage.

And I thought about how significant that light is that they were carrying. How we each have our own unique lights, and how we can carry it to others in such different ways.

We should never let anything stop us from carrying our lights.

And continually growing them in our own ways so that we can share more.

And more.

Loved being with my date:

Loved watching this girl come out, just GLOWING (despite the tiredness), after FOUR incredible shows:

So grateful she’s mine.

And that her light kindles my light in so many myriads of ways.

She’s got a powerful one, that girl!

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  1. I saw both of you backstage in my comings and going’s (grand chorus singer). Hooray for MCO and brave, awesome Lucy.

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