On Wednesday Lucy graduated from pre-school.

I’ve always thought it was funny when kids “graduate” when they have more preschool years stretched out ahead of them, but this year Lu totally deserved a graduation.

She has come SO far and we are so incredibly thankful for that.

We are SOOOO grateful for these awesome teachers who have helped her so much this year:
The graduation party was pretty cute. First they did all these crafts.

Claire’s Kindergarten classroom happened to adjoin with Lucy’s this year through their teachers’ offices, and I’ve loved getting to peek in on the other child when I’m in one of their classrooms.

Claire saw all the hoopla going on in Lu’s room and begged to come help out during her recess so we let her. I love watching her help her little sis.Let’s see that a little closer:
There we go.

(Thanks Claire!)

My dear friend Maureen was in town and totally “lucked out” that she got to be here for all the end-of-school festivities. The kids were delighted about it, and she was SUCH a good sport:

Mrs. Smith did a slideshow for the kids and I loved watching them laugh and get mesmerized watching all the fun things they’ve done this year just like the big kids do.

Then they had a little program. Love those gator hats:

They had the parents sing with the kids:

And had a little graduation ceremony:…and a party:

We love our little graduate.


  1. she's so cute i almost can't stand it! the end of the year festivities look like a blast. i'll have to remember to capture these moments as ours come in a few weeks. it's all so tender & nostalgic!

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