In my post about books I’ve read lately (last post), I failed to ask for advice for other good ones.  Thanks to those who left great recommendations, love it…if anyone has any other exceptional recommendations send them on over! Our book club is reading “The Things We Keep” right now…has anyone read that?  Hoping it will be good.  
Speaking of good books (last post), Lucy’s set herself some goals to write her own “good books” lately.  I have found little drafts all over the house and they crack me up.  

Here are some puppet illustrations to go along with all those royal folks she’s talking about:
Whoops, looks like “Queen Shawni” lost her head up there…
She left some of her siblings out of some of the stories, not sure why, but at least she depicts them all in this picture ๐Ÿ™‚

 Gotta love the Disneyland ones…and Christmas things…

Lucy is very into American Girl Dolls right now.  So she’s come up with a few of these wing-dingers:

 (She’s read a bunch of the “American Girl Doll” books and apparently those girls have lots of talents and also do a lot of traveling ๐Ÿ™‚

And I thought this little letter to her friend’s sister who was getting baptized was pretty classic:

Oh man, love how that girl’s mind works.  

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  1. Way to go lucy…
    So I've recently started 'the things we keep'..I'm hooked but I have to say it does have sone strong bad language in it…I keep a black marker handy I cost them out when I come to them so if I lend my books out they don't see the swears!

  2. Her efforts and hard work is so evident in all of her work!
    I was wondering if you keep all of the stories and drawings or if you take a photo and then discard them?
    I have thought about trying Artkive and making a book for each child but there's something about pulling out the originals now and in the future that I love. With 4 kids though, loose papers, the kids individual bins, and the bulletin board are full! It's just so hard to throw out things that you can tell they worked so hard on.

  3. I have to tell you how impressed I am with Lucy's writing! She is amazing. Handwriting is something that both of my BBS kids have struggled with so her ability blows me away. Do you have any tips to share on how you've helped her develop that skill? I'm wondering if she had occupational therapy or some other help to work on handwriting.

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