Lucy always seems to be hard at work creating art masterpieces.
This is my favorite one so far:

I love that familiarity she portrayed with Jesus.  How I hope she will always feel that.

I love that when she was drawing she asked if people wore shoes in Heaven.  I told her I didn’t know, she thought about it and apparently decided to forego the shoes and the feet.

Also, I love that Audrey has a cameo appearance in Lucy’s art quite regularly 🙂

I love the details in this one:

…right down to all the “Lego Friends” welcoming them and the insight that they love the “teacup” ride.  (Not sure my parents would agree…)

LOVE all the little quotes on this one.  Not sure why Elle and Max are sideways on the sail.  I love that I’m driving and that Dave is in the “back seat.” 🙂

She’s started doing these new lines to create texture in the hair (thanks to her friend Emma I think…)

These are all her beloved Lego friends:

This one is a 3-D experiment:

 A family of bees:

And I couldn’t resist posting some excerpts from the A,B,C book she just made.  I love her little captions on each one.

 (someone needs to buy that girl some new markers…and really, someone should get her a dog.)

 (That story is back here.)

 I guess he “used” to be the funniest kid because school is out now so she doesn’t see him any more, but that one made me laugh out loud.  

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  1. What a delight! Every one is so unique. I can just hear her giggling about Tate's funnyness! What this art tells me is that you have one happy little child in Lucy! What an enormous blessing! Everything is just so happy…except maybe the part about the oreos. Love that girl!

  2. These are great! Thank you for sharing. She gave me some ideas (the textured hair) for when I draw with my kids. My 7-year-old will think I'm quite the artist with that. 🙂

  3. Love how kids use their imagination to see the world around them! Have you thought of asking Lucy which is her favorite drawing then "bringing it to life" for her as a gift? There are a few wonderful companies that will create a stuffed toy that looks JUST like her art…like here: and here

    It's a fun moment when they recognize they are holding their masterpiece in their hands. 🙂

  4. you really should look into selling some of these to make proceeds for the i love lucy project! I would buy one, they are the cutest. I LOVE the alphabet pictures, they're really fun. It's so sweet to see a child's point of view of things.

  5. OH Shawni, Seriously, we need to get these in a gallery or a book….the world needs to see these….they are incredible and unique and actually inspiring!

  6. I seriously love her drawings… I am absolutely charmed by the sweetness in them.

    1) How sweet is it that the family of bees has one boy and the rest girls- just like you guys.
    2) I loved the comments in the alphabet book: ' I can't really draw monkeys that well,' 'I love Oreos but can't have them' Haha. Sweetness overflowing.
    3) The desserts she dreamt up were actually very good.

    I love her choice of colours, I love the details she comes up with (the stars on the cat, the rainbows on the dog- very nice, Lucy!), I loved this post

    Can you ask her who the other footless guy next to Jesus is? An angel? I just want to know what she was thinking. Thanks:)

  7. So great! I love Lucy and I don't even know her in real life! Those pictures just say so much about her goodness. Really fun art work and the abc book comments made me giggle numerous times! Thanks for sharing.

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