Lucy was kind of excited to start school this year.

Here’s a close-up of those cute girls waiting for the bus.  They are saying “Hurry” “Hurry” “Hurry!” with their matching outfits.

These are hard to read because they go all the way across the page.

This is the left side:

 …and here’s the right:

I thought these portraits of her friends were interesting.  Here’s Audrey:

 And cute Lauren with the red hair:

 Here’s Emma:

And here’s the interesting one.  This is Lucy which she drew in the same sitting:
Up close:


I can’t figure out the green skin and crackles.

And she can’t explain it either.

I would love to get inside of that brain of hers once in a while.  Is she troubled?  Does she think she’s that different?

But then I see this one and all is right in the world again 🙂

She did a series of these “Ho I’m Happy” drawings in honor of her favorite song “Happy” (that song was captured for our family reunion back HERE much to that girls’ delight).


  1. Love seeing her artwork! I think there's a subliminal message hidden in her self portrait. It's saying "Mom you took my older siblings to India. For my big trip we need to go to New Zealand and visit the Maori" 🙂

  2. I've been a "silent stalker" here on your blog for quite some time, but I've never commented before. But… I love this post, because your little Lucy's artwork is AH-MAZING!! What incredible talent she has!

  3. Lucy's artwork is wonderful. I don't blame you for wanting to get inside her head. She is precious. I also love that my daughter (almost 7) also has two good friends named Audrey and Lauren. That made me smile.

  4. Positively amazing. Actually astonishing! What a mind! !We have a friend who analyses children's art. I'd love her to see this! I think she'd figure out that she's a genius!

  5. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the self portrait definitely has meaning. She sees herself as different, in a weird or negative way. I would get some help for her. But, here, not in China.

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