Lucy is tidy.  (Self-proclaimed tidy as stated in her note to Dave on his bday back HERE.:)
She wants everything to be in perfect spots on her dresser, and likes her pillows to be in perfect order on her bed when she makes it in the mornings.  She has little rituals when she goes to bed each night (has to tap her toothbrush on the sink two times, has to turn on her sound maker and put a pillow over the speaker just a tad, and her glasses in a particular spot before she gets tucked in).  Yes, she has a little bit of OCD that kind of works for her…and keeps us all in line too.  
A few weeks ago she and a friend cleaned out some drawers full of old toys (little figurines…oh how I miss that stage, and Max’s old Legos I figured she’d want some day but she doesn’t…because she loves Friend Legos only ;).  They were on a mission to sort out all her Legos and re-build some of the things that have come apart over time.
So I found this in my bedroom that night:
Let’s get a closer look at that note:

Oh man I love her.

And I love her sweet friends too.  They make me cry with their kindness.  All the time.  Here’s one of these darling girls helping her sort all the colors of Legos so they could find them more easily to put sets back together again:

I know I’m biased, but I love how she writes and expresses herself.  

My Dad asked all the grandkids who were here for Thanksgiving to share some of the “Grandfather’s Secrets” and any experiences they’ve had with them in exchange for a treat (I adore my Dad).  Lucy decided to write hers up.

 (I love that she expressed that Bo is actually the one making good decisions…)

Speaking of Aslan and Narnia, she relates so many themes from that to everything she does and I love it. 

We are slow reading that series.  We are reading the “Silver Chair” right now but it sure seems like so much gets in the way of reading together these days.  But when we do we pick right up where we left off and her eyes get wide and wonderful when she thinks about Aslan, and makes all kinds of comparisons to Jesus Christ.

(Those were her notes from Sacrament meeting a few weeks ago.)
Love the notes she comes up with for friends…and sometimes their moms too.
She also loves to work on math.


Loves to read as well.

 She picked up “A Little Princess” after Claire just finished it and devoured that thing in two days.

She loves to play the piano.

Her piano teacher is the best and has written up most of her music really large but she still plays it like this most of the time:

We had a Mother/Daughter cake decorating night for Activity Days last month.

 That was a pretty exciting night let me tell you :)!

 She has taken to her cane like a bee to honey.

The other night we went on a walk in the dark (we all needed a little fresh air) and she was able to maneuver that thing so beautifully and was so confident staying on the sidewalk in the dark.

It really is such an incredibly beautiful thing.

More Lego sorting:

She has determined that she will read the scriptures each week during the sacrament at church.  She even gave her Primary Program talk about this last week when she talked about choices.  She loves to read.  One of her teachers gave her tiny scriptures a few years back and she adores them, doesn’t want to change them in for bigger ones so this is how she reads:

Lucy’s job this month is to write down the different “LIGHTtheWORLD” ideas each day on our chalk board so we can all remember them.

She’s only done it three times (can’t keep up), but I loved this one and had to take a picture:

 Love the spelling 😉

We are taking a service trip for Christmas and are trying to get a ton of walking in before we go.  (More about that soon…)  But for now I just thought I’d include this picture walking to school.

Just a few tidbits about Lucy lately.


  1. What a sweet girl! I can't wait to hear what you are doing for your service trip for Christmas.

    if you get a chance I would love to read a list of all the grandfather secrets. I'm trying to prep some beginning of the year, intentional family material and would love to see if I want to incorporate any of those into our family teachings.

  2. Have you all looked into getting a braille label maker? Since she's into sorting, it could come in handy down the road. Also, Lucy just seems like the coolest kid. Truly.

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