Oh man, I’m trying to sum up our big reunion from this month but that always takes forever! 
So in the meantime let’s just take a look at some of Lucy’s latest. Oh man I love this girl so much and I love how her mind thinks and what she comes up with.  
Her writing really cracks me up.  
And her texting melts me every time.  
A while back it was stake conference (church where all the congregations meet up together and listen to speakers).  That poor Lucy had come home from school the Friday before with a fever and had been pretty much sleeping ever since.  She was starting to feel better on Sunday but we had her rest while we were gone to church and left my phone with her so she could text us as much as she wanted.
And when that girl gets a hold of my phone you never know quite who she’ll text, filled with funny emojis and exclamation marks.  Here’s part of she and Claire’s conversation…it was the end of our month-long sugar deal:


Elle had hurt her foot over in Hawaii the week before.  We had been texting back and forth trying to figure out how to get her to a doctor.

Lucy added this little thing at the end while she was home from Stake Conference (text below):

And when I found it later I thought it was pretty funny, especially because it kind of confused Elle wondering why I was telling her my ailments were worse than hers.

Loved her notes to my Mom for her big 70th birthday:

(Our dog’s name really is “Bo Jangles” but Lucy likes “Jankles” better…)

Love how she takes my phone every Sunday and spends a long time typing up some sort of note to Max:

This is her note to her piano teacher when she moved away at the end of the school year:

I love seeing what that mind comes up with to write.

Last but not least, here are a few pages from her autobiography that she wrote at the end of school:

 Her teacher and I had a good chuckle about this page:


  1. I was looking for something else on your blog and ran onto this which I have never seen until now. Lucy is simply astonishing! It is so delightful to see what comes out of her mind and on to paper! What a prolific writer she is of stuff that is really important. Thanks Lucy for the birhtday letters for you and Bo! They are priceless! Love you forever! Gramme

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