(I accidentally posted this on top of a post the other day so here it is with a couple additions.)

For those who care about my fascination with my six-year-old daughter’s artwork, here’s her latest…2012-12-09 Sunday funday 654382012-10-28 life 63689When I look at her stuff I am mesmerized because I have so many questions.  What gave her the idea to write her name like that?   What’s up with the always-stripes that somehow make their mark on her stuff?

How did she get the idea to start using scissors and glue as one of her mediums?2012-10-28 life 63685She cut all those pieces individually and was very meticulous as to how she glued them on.  (I love the girl and her cat too…Lucy is sure she will have her own cat when she grows up.)

What inspired her to color these particular shapes after she glued them on?2012-10-28 life 63686
And why did she glue four randomly cut pieces of paper together before the boxes she added?2012-10-28 life 63687
When I asked her why she didn’t color the upper left square below she just told me it is “supposed” to be blank.2012-11-07 fall 64420
What’s up with the gradually smaller circles and how they are lined up?2012-11-01 home 640942012-11-01 home 64098
Then she went from the squares glued on to the pie-shaped-creations glued on:2012-11-07 Fall 652602012-11-07 Fall 65261
When we made our Thanksgiving Thankful Tree she had her own version:2012-11-07 Fall 65264
Back to the no-glue work…lots of windows.2012-11-29 iPhone 67226
Most recently, she has initiated a series of “gingerbread houses.”  She made a new one each day for a while.

I love her handwriting too…it’s kind of like art to me.2012-11-07 Fall 65256
2012-11-07 Fall 65258
It’s so interesting to watch her color in these letters because she does a spiderweb of lines in them first and then colors them in.  You can kind of see all the lines in the “O” below.2012-11-07 Fall 65268
Why does she feel compelled to color in the circles of her letters?2012-11-07 Fall 65267
…or do hearts and flowers in them?2012-10-28 life 636902012-11-08 Fall 65270
2012-10-28 life 63680
2012-12-09 fall 657642012-12-09 fall 657652012-12-09 fall 657662012-12-09 fall 65769
I LOVE this Christmas “bubble map” she brought home from school:2012-12-19 holiday stuff 66575
But this was my favorite:2012-12-09 Sunday funday 65437(Her rendition of La La Loopsey.)

Now, I know there are lots of kids who love art and who are good at it.

We just cherish these things up so much more than we would otherwise since we don’t know how long her vision will hold out.  How grateful we are that she can see all these details right now in life.  And how it makes us want to fight to keep it that way.

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  1. You should find a gallery to put her artwork up in and the money you raise can be donated to help with research for her condition! I would go to it! Thank you for your blog, you make me want to be a better person everyday!

  2. She is so creative!! I love Heather's idea, but can you bear to part with her art??

    Maybe you should enroll her in some arts programs (though I would hate to stifle her creativity with instructions)

  3. I love her art work!!! She is extremely talented (as if you didn't already know).

    And I love the questions you asked. I think if we look hard enough at the creations kids come up with, it's always more intricate and thought-out than it first appears.

  4. Don't you just want to frame and hang all of them!? So, so creative. I have an art wall in our home where the children's art is displayed, we are almost running out of room, but I love it. Especially when one of them comes home and says, "Mom, won't this be perfect for the art wall?"

    Also, I loved your Christmas Eve service. That has inspired me for next year!

  5. My friend held an art exhibit for her daughters birthday last year. She "hung" 30 pieces of her favorite art work at the house and served treats and goodies. families and friends came to support her. I'm sure that little girl felt like a million bucks to have so many people praising her talents. I loved the idea, so I thought I'd share. Lucy is a talent!

  6. Lucy is quite artistic. Loved all of her art work. She is precious. Thanks for sharing. As a K-1 teacher for eight years, I love to see all her great writing. I pray she can keep her sight to see all those beautiful things around her and capture them on paper.

  7. I've been a reader for a while but never left a comment. When I saw Lucy's art I knew I had to write! I am a teacher, and I really think there is something so unique and special about Lucy's art. She definitely has talent and that natural creative insight. I just love it – it says so much about the way she sees the world. Keep up the great work, Lucy!!

  8. There is an app called Artkive and you take pictures of all your kids art, and add their grade, age, and a description and then you can print it out in a book. Something like that or a shutterfly book would be awesome to keep them all together. She is a great artist , and such an adorable little girl.

  9. Most children Lucy's age depend on an example piece when it comes to making art. Lucy's independent creativity is very apparent! This is my 18th year teaching elementary art grades K-5 and in the classroom I usually hide my finished example until the bulk of the project my students are working on is complete so I don't end up with 24 that look like mine! It's so unique to see that age exploring with different media on their own and making decision about space and color and shapes. She's a true artist:)

  10. You could sell her art or make greeting cards out of the art and sell them to help the Foundation for Fighting Blindness, or the I Love Lucy project. People would buy these for sure! God bless that sweet girl!

  11. I have a Bachelor's of Fine Art.
    Lucy's work is wonderful. I hope she always draws her way. She really is amazing in how she sees things and translates them.

    I'd love a website of just her art work.

    My name is Lucy too.

  12. I have a feeling that even if she did lose her sight eventually she would have a desire & ability to still create beautiful artwork 🙂

  13. These are absolutely precious!!! And yes, she has great handwriting!

    I feel really weird leaving this in a comment on a random post, but I have a Q&A question (it's actually more personal but I could not find an email address for you – and don't blame you if you can't answer a million emails from readers!) I am wondering if you have ever dealt with negative self talk with any of your kids, and how you deal with it? Parenting babies and toddlers is so intuitive for me, but I feel in over my head often with my oldest who is seven! Tonight she got in trouble (for being mean to her sister) and all of a sudden started sobbing and saying things like "I'm a horrible person" and "I don't like myself" and I had NO idea how to handle it!! Mostly I just realized how over-tired she was from staying up too late for two nights and put her to bed… but I need a strategy if it comes up again!

  14. I have never left a comment on your blog but have checked in from time to time, ever since my friend Monica Stallings recommended it to me. Lucy's art is stunning and joyful. I particularly was fascinated with her alphabet. You should consider printing that one into a greeting card, which could raise funds and awareness for her disease. Just a thought. Keep up the inspiring work you do and the joy you bring to many, Shawni!

  15. This post is so touching to me. I'm fascinated by her art too. The creativity, the details, the color and patterns. And it melts my mother heart that you are appreciating each one.

  16. What beautiful pieces your daughter is creating! Truly. Here is a little experiment I've tried with my nieces and nephews when they were under the age of 8. Ask Lucy to draw as far back as she can remember…before she even came to Mommy and Daddy. What did it look like? What does she picture when she thinks of the place she lived before? You just might be surprised. Some of the pieces produced in our family, after this question, made time stand still to look at them. These souls are fresh…and bring some beautiful memories with them. (Of course others just drew themselves in a hospital or sleeping in their Mommy's tummy…go figure.) 🙂

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