It’s no secret that I’m in love with watching the progression of Lucy’s art.

I love to think about how she sees the world through those beautiful-blue-degenerating-eyesight eyes of hers.

She still uses as bold of colors as possible, most likely because she can see those colors better.

I think these are the goldfish Max got when he got asked to winter formal.

And this must be the one that’s left (named “Survivor”):
I love the hair she does on boys:
And the hair on girls too…even with super dried-up markers she had to resort to at church:
I think these grids she draws are very interesting:

She does that first and then colors in most of the time.  See it in that black section below?

…and I love that she adds arms and fingers and legs and balls for feet.

She is so into writing these days as well.

…and her Braille work is coming along very nicely.

 Love the hearts.

She went through an “umbrella phase” recently.  I love how she drew them:

Here she is waiting for the school bus.

(…with an umbrella…)

More umbrellas.

The sky must have cleared up here:

I love when her art becomes stories.

Sometimes she cuts out shapes and glues them all together in a collage.

I forgot to ask her the story behind this one, but I love it.

She seems to be scribbling more lately.  I don’t know if that is because her markers are more dried up, or she’s in a bigger hurry, or she can’t see the lines as well.

 Love these notes she wrote to her friends before we went to Wisconsin.

(Translation for the note below: “I’m sorry Emma.  I am leaving to a lot of doctors all week.”)

I’m sure her friends were very comforted to know why she would be gone 🙂

Mermaid and fish phase:

I can never seem to throw her school work away without taking a picture.

And here’s my favorite to end on:

(“dring” is really “bring”)

The p.s. is from my Mom (this was while she was in town).

Oh man, thanks for enduring more art love with me.  I can’t get enough.

Also, a few more updates on the house blog…trying to get caught up to where we are right now…a lot has happened since September.

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  1. This art is absolutely incredible! You should frame them and sell them! I'll buy them! The BBS organization should buy them for sure. DELIGHTFUL!

  2. Hey Shawni! What is your email address?? I am a 22 yr old new mom with a baby with Mckusick kaufman syndrome or early stages of bardet biedl. I'm sure you knwo the franticness in trying to get information and I would love to speak to you. My mom met you at the pornography conference last weekend and told you about me. THanks!

  3. I really like how Lucy is learning braille even though she may not need it right now. That shows a progressive-thinking parent. I appreciate your example of doing the "just in case" option, even though hoping she may not need it.

  4. I can never see your updates on your house blog… the last update that I can see is in September. I click on home, and try everything but no go any suggestions?

  5. Seeing Lucy's art always brightens my day. Thanks for sharing! Tell Lucy how much we appreciate her and her gift. She draws the best smiles and that giraffe is awesome. And those umbrellas! And the fish. Lucy, you're the best!

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