Lucy talked about her upcoming “Mouse from Outer Space” performance for about three months before the actual event.  
She had everyone’s parts memorized and recited them to us on a regular basis.  She couldn’t believe her luck that she got to be part of this whiz-bang performance 🙂  So she was pleased as punch when the night finally came and she got to be up there in front of everyone performing.  

 I tried to get more up close and personal but a few other people had the same idea before I could get there 🙂

So fun to watch her sing every word with such vigor.

She wore those ears for about three days after…even to bed.

I love when kids get so excited about the little things.  Makes me excited too.

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  1. So so cute!! My 2nd grader is preparing for a Hats! Musical at the end of April and is singing the songs all the time, she's so excited, I'm even going to know all the songs by the time the performance gets here, and I'm sure she'll be wanting to wear her hat for days too 🙂

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