Lucy has always thrived in being “part of something,” so being the team manager for the basketball team has filled up her heart in so many ways.

It’s not all butterflies and rainbows, of course, as nothing really is, is it? I think sometimes she’s holding herself together with every part of strength she can muster up trying to be courageous and figure out that new responsibility that she just needs to melt when she gets home. She’s trying so hard to figure out where she’s needed and where she belongs.

But most of the time she is glowing about this responsibility that is stretching her and helping her grow in some pretty awesome ways. And most of the time, her family is glowing about that amazing opportunity as well.

She stays after school every day for practice and has now had two games.

This was her first…

…can you tell her little cheering section was pretty excited??

And speaking of cheering sections:

She makes a good addition.

Dave came a little late and found her, during part of the game, trying to help work the snack bar. Ha!

She’s definitely putting herself to good use around there:)

So grateful for opportunities, big and small, to stretch us and help push ourselves into the discomfort of the great unknown.

And grateful for what this little girl of mine teaches us through example.

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  1. So happy for Lucy!! My son was born with a form of liver disease and for a few years (freshman and sophomore years of high school) he wasn’t cleared medically to play contacts sports. This meant no baseball which was his favorite and best sport. I am forever grateful for coaches and teammates that knew how much he loved the game, how much he wanted to be part of the team, and encouraged him to stay on as team manager. He grew so much those two years – I think they all did.

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