I while ago I was contacted by a woman who had a dream of starting her own magazine. One that would help inspire families by sharing good ideas and inspiring how-tos.

How many of us have had a dream like that and put it carefully on a shelf in our minds for later…some day we will get to it, right?

Well, this woman decided to make it happen. And make it happen right now. She asked me to write an article for it. She told me about the blog they already had up and running and it sucked me right in (click here to check it out…and there’s a cool photo contest here). I’m always up for being part of something that has the potential to build up families and make them stronger, so I agreed to write the requested article. She assigned me the topic of “Being Enough” which sure has made me think.

A lot.

I’ll have to write more about it when I get a minute.

The magazine made it’s big debut a couple weeks ago and it is gorgeous: The photography is inspiring and it is filled with great ideas. Here’s a little recap of some of the stuff in there from the editor: This issue is chalked full of fun articles. Come be inspired to get reading with your children. Gather new recipes that you’ll want to try out for yourself. Get to know Denise Demarchis of Matilda Jane a bit better. Find some uplifting words from Shawni Pothier on “Being Enough.” Read of the giving adventures of families in Atlanta as they went out to feed the homeless. All this and many more articles that touch upon raising and teaching our children. There is even a fun teen section where we meet some real teens and talk about their talents as well as some fun DIY projects. Each page of the magazine is filled with beautiful and useful content, never being interrupted with ads. Only useful content that can strengthen you and your families.

I get to give away TEN digital copies of the magazine.

So enter a comment to win one of these beauties. And if you want two chances to win, “like” them on Facebook (here) and come back to enter another comment.

I’ll announce the winners on Saturday morning.

** This give-away is now closed. To see the winners click here.


  1. What a great magazine! Excited to see family oriented magazines that don't discount daddies. I hope – since I have yet to be able to read it.

  2. I'm a mother who could use a little inspiration! And my kids can't cut up a digital magazine and make collages with it before I get to reading it!!!! Sweet!

  3. I would absolutely LOVE to win a copy of this magazine. I applaud anyone that goes out and tries to make a difference in the world. I would love to offer my support. Thank you for sharing this magazine and getting the word out to many of us, like me, that may not have heard about it any other way.

  4. Is this give-away open to those of us in the UK? If so, I would love to enter! I would much rather read a magazine about real families than celebrities and gossip.

  5. I love new ideas and inspiration to keep things fun and real with the family. I would love to check out the magazine.

  6. What an inspiring story of determination for an incredible cause. I know I would look forward to opening my mailbox to find inspiration every month! Where do I subscribe!

  7. It looks like a fabulous magazine. It's great to get fresh ideas that can help bring more fun into everyday life. Would love to win a copy and see what it's all about.

  8. Your family and all of their resources has helped me be a better mom. Whether it was the NH power of moms retreat with Sadie and Saren…many of your parents books, your blog, they all inspire. This looks right up my alley. I am heading off on a vacation with just my husband next week and this would be a lovely beach read I am sure.

  9. I've never responded for a blog giveaway before, but this looks like it's worth trying. It would be fabulous to "win" a copy. Thanks for the offer!

  10. what a great idea for a magazine! way to often parenting magazines are just for practical reasons. It is so nice to think there is something out there that brings the fun back into parenting. I would love to win one!!

  11. I would love to win a copy, thanks for the link. It's a a very nice and inspiring magazine. I love the idea of that Childhood photo contest.

  12. Looks like a "feel good" magazine! Sometimes it's hard to read this amazing mommy blogs and not feel just a little bit insecure that you're not "Being Enough" as you say. But then I go back to read my own and think that someone may be looking into my life and be in awe too. You never know who you are making an impact on.

    Looking forward to some great ideas and articles if I win! : ) Thanks Shawni

  13. This magazine looks fabulous and I love finding your blog and have looked forward to reading it over the past month since "finding" it. Thanks so much for being such a wonderful role model for all of us!

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