Clear back here I told about a little deal some other bloggers and I are doing to send out information about the Mormon church to those who are interested.  Because people ask a lot about what I believe and why. I must admit I was a little bit paralyzed with the response.  So it took me a while to get the first shipment out.  But man alive, people were sure patient with me (thank you!) and I must admit it was kind of fun along with the overwhelm-ment.  I mean, I get to share what I love the very most with people who want to know, and that is a very good problem to have! 🙂Book-of-Mormon-mommy-bloggers I enlisted some great helpers to help me address and stuff.2012-10-25 life 63589Yes, that is a totally fake smile Claire is sporting, but I think she was actually my most excited helper.2012-10-22 life 63560 I tried to write a little part of what I believe in each book.  I tried to mark each one with the verse that helped me come to my own belief that that book is true:2013-02-25 sports 70316 (If yours wasn’t marked like this, find this scripture and take that promise to heart when you read the book.)  When I was a teenager, I did just what it said.  I read that book from cover to cover (It took a long time…) and when I was done I knelt down by my bed and poured my heart out to God to know if it was really true.  I’m so grateful for that experience because as with any religion, there are lots of things that require faith to believe.  (I was talking to the guy at the post office about this a couple weeks ago when I dropped off my latest batch…he had some good questions.)  There are all kinds of things that can shake your faith.  So I’m just thankful for that peace that came to me in my little bedroom lined with peach and lime-green heart wallpaper when I worked to understand things all on my own.  And I’m grateful for oh so many experiences that have validated that feeling over and over again throughout my life.2012-10-25 life 63594 Lucy joined in on the “helping” in her own way:2012-10-25 life 63599 Claire helped me take that first mailing to the post office.  That’s our receipt she’s holding.  Yeah, it was a lot of packages.2012-10-25 iPhone 63897 It gave me some good practice for sending packages overseas which I may have to be doing some day when all these kids of mine hit mission age.  Quite a few of them were sent off to different countries all over the world, a few in different languages. 2012-12-19 holiday stuff 66603 Since then, all the kids have taken turns to write their own testimonies in different books I have sent out.2012-12-19 holiday stuff 666042012-12-19 holiday stuff 666062012-12-19 holiday stuff 66609 With three different mailings under my belt I think that I may now have a good system in place where I can get these out more quickly (I bought a big box of Book of Mormons and got a big stack of testimony packets copied off, and by now I have made friends with the tatoo-laden nicest guy ever at the post office.)  So if others are interested, I think I can handle sending more now :)  (Let’s be honest, people will still have to be patient with me though…)  My email address to send requests is sepphotography at gmail dot com. If you are already a member of the LDS church and are interested in receiving the Mormon blogger testimony packet, just let me know and I can email it to you.  Others who are just curious as to what in the world we believe (with no strings attached), just send me your address and I’ll send a package right out complete with my favorite book.  Because I like to share that thing :). A lady called to interview me about this project a while back and published it here.  A couple quotes got mixed up a bit, I think, but it tells a little more about how this whole thing started.  So thankful for Mariel and her vision to help us bloggers get the word out about what we believe. Like I said in that article, I think it’s important to note that this blogger project isn’t an effort to convert people to our religion (although, we’d sure welcome anyone who wants to take their interest further!:).  It’s just a great way for us Mormon bloggers to be able to share what we believe and why our lives are the way they are on a more personal level.  If people are interested, we want them to have the information from us, people who know and live it and love it, rather than from some weird site on the Internet or someone who may have left the church and is bitter about it.  I’m just so incredibly grateful for the gospel and the impact it has had in my life and I’m so glad to have an avenue to share it if people are interested.

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  1. Absolutely love this idea. I AM a Mormon, but I plan to email you for one of those packets. I adore reading the testimonies of others. We all have taken our own journey to faith, and hearing others' stories helps our own faith become stronger. You're the best!

  2. It's a great project, Shawni. We had our youth group write testimonies in BoM's as part of a service project for our local missionaries. I'm sure if you need helpers to write in the book, your ward would be willing.

  3. I am so jealous that you and your family have had this experience! I would love to be a better blogger and share the gospel this way, however my blog is just a sad attempt at keeping a family record!

  4. What an incredible project! Just think of how many lives you are touching. Thanks for the great example that you and your family are setting for me. <3

  5. I am one of the many, many people you sent one of these packages to and I'm very grateful! I'm remaining in the faith I was born into, but the Mormon religion has always interested me and I love learning more about the basis of the religion, how it grew, and all that. Even though I'm not Mormon, I think it is astounding the wisdom those in the church have and the way families are strong, connected, and committed to the church.

  6. oh, i LOVE this!! you are such a great example of the believers!! girl, you got it goin' on and i love it!! i bet your kids loved being able to share too…rock on girl!!:)

  7. Shawni, this post, the photos of your children helping, Moroni 10:4. I'm all choked up. So totally awesome. I think too of that day when all my little ones will hit mission age. Such an exciting time to share the gospel. Love for all your tremendous generosity. xoxo

  8. Thanks Shawni, I got mine!! I have read your underlined passage and some of the other bloggers' favourite passages, but then I took on an goal to read the bible in a year, so I haven't delved into the Book of Morman properly. After a year of reading the bible, I might be well placed to start reading it as my next project. Thank you so much – it was exciting to get your package here in Australia
    SarahN @

  9. Way inspiring! I only have a few readers of my blog, so I don't think it would be worth your sending the packet to me; however, you have inspired me to buy a bunch of Book of Mormon's to write my testimony in and to mark the scriptures that mean the most to me.
    Thank you!

  10. I am loving this idea and I think it's so cool that you are using blogging in such a positive way. Thank you for your example and for using your time/talents to share something so important! I love that you are not afraid to talk about the importance of family, marriage, motherhood, and faith in Christ. You are changing the world!!

  11. Elder Ballard's talk on Sharing the Gospel Using the Internet from 2008 is one of the things that convinced me to start a blog. Ever since I met you and found out about 71toes, I have thought of you as a wonderful example of someone who has "joined the conversation".

    But this Book of Mormon project takes that to a whole new level. It propels you from standing on the sideline right past joining the conversation and into sharing the gospel. There's a big focus on preaching the gospel, but this project perfectly exemplifies sharing, of which I'd love to see more.

  12. wow I am so impressed and your commitment makes me love your family even more! Please send me the Mormon packet to beckstarr (at)

  13. Wow. I have been reading your blog for only a few weeks, and almost every post that I have read from you has made me even more excited (if possible) to be a mormon! None of them have inspired me to get up and do something about it as much as this one has though! I'm so thrilled to share my love and testimony with others! Thank you for sharing your light with the world. I know how scary it can be… But you do it with grace! I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog. You and your family really inspire me!

  14. I got this packet in October last year and was baptised a member of the LDS on January 5th this year. Couldn't be happier 🙂

  15. I am a member of the church in england UK and have just come across ur blog…wow what an inspiration u truely are…bought tears to my eyes reading this….xx

  16. I think it's great what you are doing. I am Catholic, but enjoy learning about other faiths. I am lucky enough to have a wonderful neighbor and friend that is Mormon. We attended their Stakes (?) Easter play (her husband was Joseph and did a fabulous job) I apologize if I wrote the wrong word. I am learning:) I enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Whoa! That is so cool! I'm blown away at how many you've sent out! What an awesome thing for your kids to be apart of. You are doing so much good, keep it up! I adore reading your blog!!

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