I better hustle and catch up with these “little things” before impending summer swallows me whole!
We spent a lot of time on the tennis courts in March.

Following these girls around:

(Lots more about tennis HERE and the end of the season and senior night HERE)
Elle came to town for a wedding.
She accompanied us to Claire’s volleyball tournament:
…and tennis…
…and school:
All about that time with Elle home back HERE.
One of Lucy’s friends asked if she wanted to walk to school with her.
Seems a very “little thing” to add to a “little things” post, but to me it was a big thing.  A big thing you can only understand when your daughter doesn’t get asked to do things like that very much and you see her face light up when that phone call comes.  Yep, that’s a big thing. 

We went out with these good friends:

…and somehow ended up at McDonalds for dessert (the place we tried had the longest line in the world and McDonalds was right around the corner).
We had a little pj brunch with our Activity Days girls, and they were all over-the-moon excited about squeezing some fresh OJ.

We also made some picture frames in preparation for Mother’s Day:

Bo met a new friend…can you even see that little black puppy behind her?

I don’t know why, but I like this picture of her right where she stops on the corner.

We had a little family night with our whole congregation here:

…packing up food to send to countries in need.

A couple of my friends celebrated their birthdays by hosting a little painting class…such a good creative outlet and mental outlet to be surrounded by all these lovely ladies:
Our favorite hair lady came to help us all out in the beauty department:

We love her!

I found this little note that Lucy wrote to try to get little Valentine’s notes to her friends… and teachers.

For some reason those kinds of things just make me happy.
Claire was honored at the high school “Golden Scholar:”
(Back HERE)
Lu and I went to Wisconsin again.

We have a routine.  We get in late, change into pjs in the bathroom:

Have a long drive to the clinic where Lucy does things like show me her latest artwork:

…and one time we had a sing-along:

Which is saying something because I’m not a sing-alonger.

Nothing a little Lucy with her Wicked soundtrack can’t fix πŸ™‚

This is my little travel partner.  Always with her red backpack (filled with all kinds of supplies in case she gets bored), her pillow stuffed with her blanked and Leo the lion, and her cane.

We came home and left the day after for Spring Break here:
(Which I talked all about back HERE, and a little HERE too)
Here’s Lucy’s account of what happened there:

(Love that the teenagers obsession with the Bachelorette made the journal πŸ™‚

Read a lot of this en route home.
I spoke at the I Am Mom Summit which I talked about back HERE along with some addendum thoughts.  
There was an 80’s dance so of course, Grace tried on my most special 80s number:

Puffed sleeves and all πŸ˜‰

We got this pic of Abby and her family at one of the game and I just want to include it here because I love them.

Some friends sent this picture of someone they happened to run into while in Hawaii:

Max’s old high school volleyball coach sent us this pic since she got to go to one of the games too:

Love that woman.  She believed in Max.  Sometimes isn’t it just the best to have someone who believes in you?

Loved seeing Max on the byuvolleyball instagram account:

Dave gets to sneak away with these guys once a year and he loves it.
A pic of our married couple from Abby’s mom:

Some of my girls at church took charge and helped me out when they noticed I was there with no green on St. Patrick’s Day.


Walks with Bo Jangles:

…and Lu too:

I’ve mentioned how much I love Marco Polo to stay in touch, especially when kids are all over the place.  My Eyre family started one and this is what the feed usually looks like…well especially in March when it started:

Yikes that’s a LOT of messages.  But I love it to get to stay in touch with everyone.
Lucy and Claire used to be inseparable sweethearts looking out for each other like nobody’s business.  But as the preteen/teenage years have hit they seem to be at each other’s throats more than hugging buddies.  So finding notes like this from Lucy make me happy:
More tennis:

I learned how to make a “crunchwrap” from lillielovesmacros (check her out HERE, she has the best recipes!) and it’s my new standby:

Our neighborhood buds burst into brilliant spring green:

We went out looking for “signs of spring”

Bo is my shadow still.

More Wednesday Wars:

Wrote all about how much I love that book back HERE.

Got to hang with my sissies for a little bit.

Because we went up to Utah for the last home games of the year…a three day tournament.

I wrote all about that back HERE, and I mentioned the senior night we got to attend, but I forgot this picture:

Loved sitting with all those great (and talented) kids from all over the world honoring their one senior.  Didn’t know him before, but sure thought he was awesome after all those great thoughts about him were shared.

We always feel so lucky to be with these two:

Loved being with these guys too:
Another trip to Wisconsin:
Back to the most gorgeous sunset:

(Bo enjoys sunsets too πŸ™‚

More tennis:
Dave and I got to sneak away on a little trip to California with some friends for a couple days.

Happened to run into one of my roommates from my semester in Jerusalem at church.  She happened to be sitting in the row behind me.  How CRAZY is that?  I haven’t seen her in forever and it was so, so great to catch up!  She and her husband knew a bunch of our friends as well, so it was a big reunion:)

Love him:

Love these guys too.

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  1. I love the little things post!

    Kinda random, but would you be willing to turn on mobile viewing in your blog? It used to be so easy to read from my phone or iPad, but is more difficult without it. First world problem for sure, and no worries if you don’t want to. Figured it didn’t hurt to ask. Hope you have a great long weekend! πŸ’•

  2. You two make the cutest pair.Love you how did u make that sandwich looks healthy.Youre were i used to live my entire child hood hoo.do you rent from ? In NB ? Want to rent on sand. Xxx

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