Eleven years ago today Max made me a mother. I couldn’t be more honored that I get to call him “mine.” He is such an amazing kid. It’s a party year this year (we only do it every other year) so we had a wing-dinger of a celebration.

If he ever questions how much I adore him I’ll just show him this picture:Yep, that was me at work. And I’ll tell you right here and now that it wasn’t easy! Max’s b-day tradition is to do something with water, whether it’s a slip-n-slide, swimming, or whatever. This year he wanted to have a water balloon war. The good-lookin’ master of ceremonies:There was a lot of swimming going on too. The boys came up with some great games.I love these boys. They are all such great friends to Max and just good kids in general.You may be surprised but this is one of my favorite pictures from the day. I love it because this is what Max does when he gets presents from someone. It’s not a little half hug. It’s a full-on bear hug almost-knock-you-to-the-ground hug. And Grace deserved it this year. She bought him her present with all her own money. Of course, knowing Grace you can guess what it was…candy and treats. But still, she was pretty proud to give it to him!

I love this boy with all my heart. (The following photos compliments of Elle Photos.)Eleven reasons why:

  1. He’s so mellow and puts up with all the girls surrounding him.
  2. He has the greatest eyes…and I love seeing them now that he has contacts.
  3. He is smart. If he puts his mind to it he can figure out anything he wants.
  4. He’s shy but can speak up if he needs to. His confidence has grown so much this year.
  5. He’s willing to try anything. One of my favorite memories with him is standing there in the water with him at Bear Lake helping him get up on one ski. I loved how he looked at me so determined and said, “I’m going to do this.” And he did.
  6. He looks just like his Dad. What look could be better than that?
  7. He’s a great chef…from crepes to pancakes to cookies he makes some delicious stuff.
  8. He’s a great example to his siblings. Such a solid big brother. And they completely adore him. He’s starting to babysit them sometimes and he’s awesome at it.
  9. He still brightens up whenever I visit his classroom or spend time with he and his friends.
  10. He quietly chooses the right when it’s in question. He knows what to do and he does it, despite any peer pressure.
  11. He has so much gratitude for everything. I’ve never heard a kid be as thankful as he is for things.

Love you, Max!

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  1. I love your birthday lists. Listing all of the things that you love about them and listing things that they are doing at the time.It is such a great idea.Looking back on these “birthday tributes” will be priceless someday.
    You have such great ideas.

  2. What an awesome kid. I’m now crying…no surprise coming from me. I’m so glad they had a lot of fun, and I hope your fingers are healing up nicely!!

  3. I agree with every single one of those things and would like to add that Max is a great worker AND he is so Very Polite! The magic words are a big part of his vocabulary!
    Love you Max,

  4. He sounds like a great kid. What a nice list of things you love about him. Yes that is the right Katie. Remember that was our ward?? We started with Katie her very first year. She decided to come back again this year after she graduated for 4 weeks. We were SOO glad.

  5. Nothing better than a great strong boy to blaze the trail for the sisters!
    What a great party idea. That is true mother love to do all those balloons.
    Happy Birthday to Max! I forget how close in age Max and Summer are. She turns 11 in September.

  6. Such a great post! I love the water balloon party! What a lobor of love on your part! I also love the picture of you both kissing him! My oldest will be 11 in Nov. where does time go! I look at him and think where is my baby! I wore his flip flops the other day and they actually fit! Life is crazy how fast time flys! I love your list of things you love about him! Sounds like such a great kid! have a great day! Love, Kelsi

  7. I love your birthday kiss pictures that you guys do with all your kids. He is such a handsome kid!
    My boys would have loved that water balloon fight!
    Looks like a really fun party. I am sure he doesn’t have to wait till he is older to appreciate all that work you did for him! (that was a lot of balloons!)
    Oh and your mom is so pretty!

  8. Thanks so much for sharing. I loved being able to share Max’s birthday with all of you through the pictures. He’s such a wonderful young man and we love him so dearly. How gateful we are for any news about each of you.

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