I talked about Max’s birthday back HERE, but we hadn’t done the festivities back then so here we go. Since he had to leave for work in the wee hours of the morning we missed our traditional birthday breakfast and had to open presents after he got home.2015-06-03 summer 1106062015-06-03 summer 110609 So weird to do all this without Elle around.  That pinched up my heart a little bit I have to admit but we all survived and she sent him a sweet message to go with all the other sisterly messages he got:2015-06-03 summer 110615 Max is one low-key kid. He doesn’t like much attention (like his dad) but was happy to continue our birthday tradition of going on a little shopping date with his mom before we took him out to dinner.2015-06-03 iPhone 110364 I don’t get to spend much one-on-one time with this kid these days because he’s always either working or playing volleyball or trying to spend as much time as possible with his friends who are all leaving on missions, so I ate that little date right up. This is a very picturesque spot to take a birthday dinner picture don’t you think?2015-06-03 iPhone 1103562015-06-03 iPhone 1108582015-06-03 iPhone 110859 Grace took one too but it must be on her phone… Traditional cake and ice cream:2015-06-03 summer 110621 I can hardly look at these pictures without tearing up (who knows where he’ll be for his birthday next year??) so I’m signing off.2015-06-03 summer 1106342015-06-03 summer 110635 Happy birthday baby.

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  1. Awwww, this is really sweet! I remember my boy's last birthday before he headed out on his mission too, just like it was yesterday! One year down, one year to go, in August! Some memories stay with you forever! You are such a great mama!

  2. Great pix.

    You could've switched things around & had your your usual pancake breakfast for dinner.:)

    I love the yellow tablecloth, my favourite colour.

    The sweets chart is a great idea.

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