I’m not so sure who had the grand idea to hold sports tournaments during the 4th of July week but boy howdy those volleyball folks sure think that’s an awesome time to play some ball.
So because Max was had to be at Nationals in Texas on the 4th, he was only with us for a couple days in South Carolina.  
That darn volleyball gets in the way sometimes.  (A lot of times.)

But he’s ok with stuff like that.  I guess he likes volleyball or something 😉
So I guess I’m ok with it too.
He went from one good thing to another.
But I knew we weren’t just saying goodbye for that Nationals tournament hoopla.
I was holding back tears as we had a little family meeting before he left, trying to act all normal, like it was no big deal that we wouldn’t see that boy for a whole month.  He was leaving directly after Nationals for China and he was already nervous (over HERE).  It wouldn’t do to have a bawling mother crying on his shoulder.
He wasn’t letting his nerves get to him though (yet).  Lucy took this picture of him right before we said goodbye:

Then we put all of our hands together and sent him off to the grand unknown.

 The teenagers sent him off:

And he was gone.
Of course, true to mother form, I kind of had a panic attack when he left.  My heart started racing and I had to talk myself out of going to frantically search the internet for any ticket that may let me follow him.  But after about a half hour of serious heart palpitations I was able to see that that made no sense at all.
Luckily my friend (the coach’s wife) is a great photographer and sent us some pictures of the action so we could feel closer. 
That’s Max blocking in the middle (#6):

 …and again:

…and a good kill:

And even more luckily, Dave figured out that the games were streamed live over some sort of satellite.
That was the best news ever.  
We watched on the television in the house:

…and on an iPad on the beach:

…and Dave had a hard time concentrating during our little 4th of July FHE because his heart was watching his son on that computer screen:

It was so great to feel connected.  
The next best thing to actually being there which just wasn’t in the cards this time around.

 So grateful for all theses great kids and for the mom who sent me pictures.

They did well, and I’m pretty sure they had the time of their lives.

Man I sure love that sport.

And that boy.


  1. I agree about your posts making me excited for teenage-hood. Thank you for all the positive and real emotion you convey. I look up to you and your family so much and hope I can have relationships with my kids as you do with yours.

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