…is officially longer than Dave’s.

And within a couple weeks of that, we measured their height:

This kid is growing like a weed.

And he can put away enough food to feed a horse.

He reminds us of a giant Labrador puppy as he tries to catch up with this body of his.

And Elle’s gaining on me fast…her feet are as big as mine (size 10).

Wowzers, we’re in for some tall kids.

Kids that get messages like this on the driveway.

Yeah, we’re in for some fun times with these guys:)

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  1. Just had to say that I love your husband's face in all of those growth-comparison pictures. Too fun.

    The other day at church I was talking to a friend and I asked him how tall he was, and then I asked him if he's the tallest out of his brothers. He said he is, and I said, "You won!" and he said, "uh, it's a competition?" and I was like- "well, it always was with the boys in MY family!"

  2. Oh my GOODNESS. Is that a thing that happens in the US? Or have your two eldest just captured the heart of every kid in school? I've never seen anything like that before in the UK!

    Looks to me like you've somehow bred the most popular kids in school!

  3. Wow, girls are way to forward these days. Do the boys really like that? I'm still old fashioned and think the boys should do the chasing…not the girls.

  4. Hahaha those were the days. Be wary of girls baring cars full of balloons, we loaded up a friends bedroom for his birthday one year, to ask him on a date, but all the pieces of the invite were in the balloons along with A LOT of confetti, his mom didn't really appreciate the clean-up, but it was really fun!

  5. Dave's face is priceless! My 18 year old son is taller than both of us now and it is a weird feeling looking up to him. But he's a good boy and we're proud of him, as you are of Max! They remind me of a huge dog that thinks he is a lap dog and tries to curl up on your lap! All feet!

  6. They are both stunning! And such sweet kiddos, so no surprise. LOVE the teenage stage. (Just got called to be Laurel's advisor, so fun!)

  7. Dave's getting to be such a good sport about being in blog pictures! 🙂
    And yes, you guys are so in for it with those cutie-pie teenagers. We really need to figure out how to get our kids together more often!

  8. oh my goodness, that wingspan pic is hilarious, and i love your husbands facial expressions! my son is turning 12 in a few months, and i need to go back to your archives where i remember you talking about the hike you took with your son. The chalk stuff is hilarious, i'm sure he loved it…even if it was his little sis' friends?

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