We started out May with a grand wedding in North Carolina.  These brothers had to jump for joy about it.

More on the wedding back HERE.

Max made the most of having to babysit a little bit while we were gone:

Looks like Lucy was really enthralled with his babysitting skills.

We were a little late on the draw with starting up a bank account for Elle, but it is done and she is really good with it.

That girl is a saver, which makes me happy.

More thoughts on money and ownership back HERE.

We watched a boatload of volleyball.

Fun to share with family.

More about the volleyball season back HERE.

Grace was inducted into the honor society with some sweet friends.

Which apparently is grounds for celebrating at Dairy Queen.

Grace also officially passed me up in shoe size.  Seriously.

I wear size ten.  She is 12 years old.
It’s nuts I tell you.
Elle and I got to go on some dates.

My brother helped me fix Max’s bed that broke in the move.

Maybe that son of mine is too heavy?

I am so grateful for that dear brother of mine.

My friend instagrammed this and I thought it was funny.

I took note of every different tile and cement composition I came across trying to figure out our yard landscaping.

Claire and her friends heart-attacked another friend for her birthday.

Max and I had a few little pow-wows.  I’m trying to soak up as much talking time as I can with him in between summer volleyball and his job.

I still have another year with him at home, why am I so sad already?
Summer swim team is in full force.

We worked on knobs and hardware all month.  Elle is trying to help model how one knob would look here.

Dave did some bike riding.

Elle and her friend took goofy pics.

Mother’s Day was the best.

Our Mother’s Day hike is back HERE.

Grace has complained about needing glasses for a while.  I figured she just wanted some.  But it turns out she needed AND wanted them.

Now she’s left Claire is the singular person in our family who doesn’t need contacts or glasses.

That’s not very good odds.

Grace invited all her church friends over to make a poster and heart-attack stuff for one of their awesome church leaders.

I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this:

What other first grader writes that she is “filled with joy?”

Love that girl.

The girls helped me put hardware in the homework area.

That is, if you call posing helping.  It was a grand idea to have help, but they mostly helped by staying out of the way 🙂

Here’s Elle and her friends enjoying “our” work:
Claire and her friends got to be in the talent show for the second year in a row.
They made up an awesome back-handspring extravaganza and rocked it.

Not too shy about posing…

Sock curls are quite a staple around here (tutorial back HERE).


Max took a date to the ball game.

I threaten him if he doesn’t send me pictures.  Ha!

Dave and I snuck Lucy out on a little date in the midst of the end-of-school hoopla.

Love having my kids help me work in the kitchen on Sundays.

Lucy LOVES the song “Happy,” can you tell?

I sometimes can’t resist taking pictures of interesting humansofny posts and forwarding them to Dave.

Max and his “team:”

Love, love, love this quote:

Dinner guests:

Our elementary school principal is moving away from us…we have loved him and are so sad to see him go!


Have I mentioned that Claire loves gym?

Some pictures of the last day of school that I missed in my “last day of school” post back HERE.

I found these ones on Elle’s phone.

They flew kites on the last day.

My Sunday boys:

Elle helped me hang these up:

(I was pretty proud of how straight we got those puppies.)

Cousin time…LOVE Summer for that.

I ran into a Romanian lady at the make-up counter.  I was so excited I had to make my girls wait, and wait and wait while I talked to her.

I miss Romania.  (That’s where I served a mission for my church years ago.  I need to write more about that some time.)

My friend had a birthday.

Lucy’s hair has been done approximately four times so far this summer…

Dave and Max took off right after school got out on a Young Mens “encampment” up in the mountains.  It was a serious adventures and they came home with countless stories to tell…I need to have them write them up.

(I’m sure they’ll write them up right away if I ask…ha!)

While they were gone the girls and I really, really tried to finish some house stuff.  Do you like these poofy air bags we created?

Lots of dates to get stuff done while the boys were gone.  Man I like to have these girls to myself.

Elle got to go to the lake with these cuties.

Lots of Braille practice

One of my dearest friends came over and spent a day with me trying to organize the kitchen.

Our daughters gave us a great fashion show when we were done.  They set us all up to be the judges.

Ok seriously, if you made it through all that  you’re a champ.

May was a good one.

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  1. Shawni,
    I currently have five of the same clocks sitting in boxes waiting to go on my walls in similar fashion to what you showed. I LOVE those photos you have of Paris, New York, & London. I would so appreciate it if you could share where you found them!
    Thank you,

  2. I need to know where those sandals are from that you and Grace are wearing and the clocks and city prints. Pretty, pretty please!

  3. Not only do I love your family and your overall "getting it done" -ness. BUT I love noticing smart things in your house: built-in double desks with cupboards and drawers and shelves, oh my. A drinking fountain in the hall/mudroom? Brilliant. Brilliant!!
    I also have a tall legged 8 year old that could pass for 12. Why! Why are there not longer skirts in the world these days? I know you've posted about clothes in the past and where you shop, but can you just text me personally and say, "Long skirts on sale at Target. Hurry, two left." and I will zip right over, mm-kay?

  4. I loved that post! Some may think that there are way too many pictures, but I loved getting a quick line and one/two photos of every thing that happened in May. Definitely need to start journaling like you do. I'm so bad at remembering things.

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