These pictures are stragglers that I somehow left off my “May little things” post back HERE, so here’s a little “part 2.”

After we got back from the mountains while Dave’s brother and family were in town my sis-in-law hosted a baby shower for the first great-grandchild.

Wa-hoo!  These two (the oldest grandchild and his wife) are going to be exceptional parents.  They have probably researched more on babies than anyone I know and their excitement is so contagious.

My sis-in-law Kara did all the fabulous decorations and planned out the food (wish I had a pic. of the crepe bar…much better detail and pictures over HERE on her blog) and Angela hosted.  Loved that our girls were all invited to attend, they loved it.

For our game Kara set out a tray laden with all kinds of baby paraphernalia.  We got to study it for a little bit and then she took it away and we had to write down as many items as we could remember.

 Some (unlike me) got a perfect score and the girls were all delighted.

Then we divided into two teams and whichever team came up with the most songs that had the word “baby” in them won.

I’m pretty sure we won that one.

(I actually have no idea but saying that makes me feel better since I failed so miserably with the baby-items-on-the-tray-test….HA!)

Virginia (the grandma-to-be) asked Lucy to be the gift recorder for Kathryn.  We all loved how she spelled everything out…especially #12 which translated says “monitor — Virginia.”

Oh I sure love that little writer!

The whole crew:

Lucy for some reason thought it would be pretty cool to do that little number on her eyes and no one could, for the life of us, get her to take those fingers off so whatever.
Us with the beautiful mom-to-be:

Yep, still need those fingers on there.

In May, every time I walked into my kitchen I was greeted by all these graduates on my fridge:

They are all darling but I’m a little extra endeared to this one:

Then the girls and I got ready to head to NYC (back here), Dave packed up and left for our church super activity (he’s one of the leaders):
Max got back from his senior trip in Mexico and was home long enough to switch out bags to go meet Dave and all the rest of the crew here:
Apparently it was quite a trip.  This hike was close to Antelope Canyon where we went last summer (back HERE) while Max was in China.  I’m glad he got to experience it so up-close and personal :).
As he headed out these two said goodbye for a month or so since Elle would be in London when he returned…(I need that little teary-eyed emoji right here…)

 Elle and I did a little shopping to get her ready for her big trip:

 She had a few late-night good-byers:

And then we were off onto our grand NYC-Elle-en-route-to-London adventure.

I’m not sure Elle ever wants to come home she is soaking up that place with so much vigor!  So glad she is there and learning all she’s learning but we’re getting pretty ready to hug her up in a week!

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