A couple days after school got out we lucked out and got to escape the heat up in the mountains at Dave’s sister’s cabin.
We love that place.
…and there’s not much better than being in a beautiful place with people you love.
All of Dave’s living-in-the-desert siblings came up with their kids too.
So there were cousins galore.  
…and adult conversations galore.
…and beauty galore.
We checked out the new house they are building up there.
I loved the light in that place:
We happened to be there for the opening weekend of the summer, so they had a bunch of fun things going on…like a bbq for lunch.
Let’s pretend like this picture of this sweetie isn’t blurry:
 He is one cute kid.
The teenagers sure have fun together.
…and so do the adults.  
We had some rocking games of “Ripple” late into the night.
 On Sunday we went to church up there.  I love going to wards in different areas.
Had to snap and iPhone pic. of these cute boys:
We couldn’t resist taking pictures when we got home…and this time it wasn’t even my idea (at least not all the way.)
Teenage girls:
All the girls:
Big boys:
…with the littler boys:
My blonde girls:
(Grace is by me right now and says “blonde” sounds mean, but you know what I mean, right?)
My brunettes:
(or do I call them “dirty-blonde”?)
Max, as you can see, had enough picture posing in the first group.

Dave’s parents were in town so it was fun to soak them up.
They did a little “fireside” for everyone on Sunday night.
 Claire’s age kids were in charge of leading the song.

Love these guys.
 Cousins to help Lu read:
My cute niece got us going on new matching hairstyles.
 Elle was proud of how it showed off her Kool-Aid hair:
(And I’ll have you know that light is forgiving…that sucker is not fading any way you look at it. )

We spent Memorial Day playing tennis, volleyball and swimming.
Have I mentioned Dave’s family is really competitive?
Just making sure.  
The boys got to do a little volleyball tournament.
All in all, it was a pretty darn good way to kick off the summer.
Thank you Christy & James!

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  1. Looks like so much fun! I love the hair-dos too! Just curious… how did you do the buns like that? I can never get mine to look cute/messy like that!

  2. I may as well add to the Ripple game curiousity!
    I love that you share your amazing family times with the rest of us. And that you keep it real!
    You all seem to have such love for each other and such great times together!

  3. Sounds like such a great time! I have a question for Friday q&a, you've talked before about how you don't keep normal snacks and treats in your cupboard. so what do you do for snacks for your kids especially your teenagers? Do you make a lot of snacks, and if so do you have favorite recipes you want to share? 🙂

  4. How do we get that ripple game for the reunion??? Or do you think Dad won't play if he doesn't think he can win? He knows you always win everything!

  5. So excited you blogged about your trip up here to the mountains! I'm the weirdo that came up to you at church and said "I know you, I read your blog!". And then I just kept saying welcome to our ward over and over. Lol. instead of saying something about how I read your blog daily and it inspires me, your t.o.f.w. talk got me through a horrible miscarriage, I've read and highlighted and love your book. Yah, that's what I should've said…… Maybe next time 🙂

  6. what a fabulous time!
    I LOVE The shot of is it claire with the sunglasses on her head , she looks like a MINI ELLE in that picture!!!! I couldn't tell if it was claire or grace, I always get them goofed up!

  7. Wow! Do they rent it out by chance- it is beautiful! If it is rentable I would love info- Always looking for a place that can manage lots of family. Looks like a great time! Thanks!

  8. What fun! I have to comment because my 13 year old came home from a friend's house with a lovely RED kool-aid streak in the same place as your daughter's. It was about three months ago, and bright as ever! I'm with you…it's a good thing she asked forgiveness instead of permission. 😀

  9. I did the kool-aid hair thing in february but with grape kool-aid and let me tell you…. it is not coming out! in fact, i just bleached my hair and it turned PINK! like NEON! we have no idea how we are going to get it out before I go back to byu in the fall! haha so good luck!!!!

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