I have a child who has graduated from high school.
And a third who has graduated from junior high.
Hopefully I will get to posting all about it tomorrow, but for now this is easier.
After graduation Max took off on his senior trip and the rest of us got the heck out of dodge up to the mountains with all the cousins.  

This has kind of become a tradition thanks to Dave’s sister and her husband who are willing to host so many up there and we all love it.  It was especially fun this year since Dave’s brother and his wife came to town with their oldest son and his new bride (their wedding is back here) who is expecting in October.  We’re all so excited about that first “great” nephew on the way.

In past years Elle and I have taken time up there to take a whole slew of pictures as we’ve soaked in the beauty (here and here), but this year it rained most of the time and we were comfy in the cabin so we never even pulled out our cameras.

So bear with my iPhone pictures from this trip.

The first night all the adults gathered for dinner while the kids ate pizza back at the cabin.

Then we went back and played “Wits & Wagers
” (like we did on New Years Eve…click on that name for more info.) with everyone.

 The guys were cracking me up watching some fight on the internet.

On Sunday morning Laurel made us this awesome breakfast from Denmark (where Ryan served his mission).

And we got all gussied up to head to church.

These girls are 11 going on 18 I think…

It got super rainy that afternoon so we hung around inside and played all kinds of games.  (I LOVE that Dave’s family likes games so much.  Goes along with all the laughing they like to do quite nicely.)

This one is 3-Deep (which I explained a few years back in the middle of this post back here).

This game gets SO loud.

We toyed with the idea of trying “7-deep” kind of as a joke but look how cute these kids (and Bob) are:

Can you tell they love that guy?

We opted for that game you do at camp where you stand in a circle and everyone sits down.


Then Bob had an idea to have a battle of hide-and-seek, kids vs. adults.

First all the kids scattered and hid and we timed how fast the adults could find them.

I couldn’t help take a picture of this great hiding place these girls found:

Then the adults hid and the kids found them.

This was my favorite hiding place by my sis-in-law Kara:

Yes, that is the dryer.

And those clever kids still beat us!

After all the game hoopla we had a little devotional led by James who assigned the older grandkids to tell about some “blessings” in their lives.

 I adored hearing what each of them had to say.  It’s so great for kids to ponder and think about all the things that are really “gifts” in life.

Fun to hear from Rob and Kathryn too.  
These “fabulous five” did a couple musical numbers:

I love going to places where life slows down and you have time for this:

So grateful for these two who were so generous to host us all (over and over and over again!)

The girls had to end the day with a little mini dance party.

…before they finally settled down to sleep.

The next day we had a giant game of wiffle ball (a favorite in Dave’s family):

…and packed on up to head home.

Dave had to leave a few hours early to get ready for our church “super activity” so Nana and Papa were nice enough to drive us home…

…through some pretty gorgeous scenery.

So grateful for Dave’s family…that they are all best friends.  And so grateful for these two who set that all off all those years ago.

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