Sometimes you just have to force a good memory. A couple Sundays ago I piled the kids into the car kicking and screaming (not really, but they weren’t too gung ho about it). We were going to make that Sunday afternoon trip to the temple I’d been wanting to do for a while. Our church is done early and we have the whole afternoon to hang out and do “Sunday stuff” so I thought what a better way to spend a Sunday than go to the temple?

There’s this amazing photography exhibit there called “Reflections of Christ” by one of my favorite photographers, Mark Mabry. I had dragged Dave over there to see it on our date a month or so ago, and I’ve been wanting to take the kids ever since.

Man I love that place. My kids are old enough to really catch the spirit of it all and really got into everything at the Visitor’s Center. In fact when it was time to go I had to coax them out of that place! We watched the “Mormon Ads” and their faces were so amazed to look up and see me with tears streaming down my face after one particularly moving one…I’m a total sucker for those things.

And they loved the Reflections of Christ exhibit. Their favorite was probably the one called “Angels,” and they liked it even more when I told them Mark used Nana & Papa’s trampoline for the photoshoot for that one. When we got home I showed them the “making of” video and they were enthralled. (Click here and scroll down to Jan. 1st to see it yourself.)

It was such a simple night, but we were together, and I had my kids all to myself (Dave had stayed home with Lucy). Something I don’t get very often. The memory for me is the drive home. Oh, they’ll remember the beautiful pictures, the ads and the pretty flowers for a while, but what I hope they remember most is that feeling in their hearts as we talked it all through in the car afterwards. I love that feeling of the Spirit. And I love it even more when I can share it with my kids.

That’s one “forced” memory I think we’ll all remember for a long time!

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  1. Hey Shawnie – yes I finally joined the blogging world. At women’s conference at night all we did was look at each other’s blog. They talked a lot about how you can really share the gospel through your family blog – I like that it’s my journal – I hate to handwrite – but I love photos and tech stuff – so this is really for me!

    I went to Domestic Bliss on saturday – I signed up for one of your classes – but then I wasn’t sure if I can get away that day – it’s the last day of school for Carson with graduation from JR high? so I crossed off my name – but I think I’m in an organization class with you on Friday – I’m excited!

    I just have to say – you’re such an amazing person – looking at all those pictures you give your mom and stuff – I’m sure you hear it all the time!!! You are soo neat! A quick little FYI – my sister-in-law is in the “Reflections of Christ” exhibit – the angles one . . . she is the dancer in the middle of the portrait. I love how Mark captured the spirit of it all!! Have you seen the video of how he produced everything? I’m sure you have, needless to say – it is soooo great! – Andi Gooch

  2. Love that exhibit! I love when you can share that you are feeling the spirit by saying nothing. So sweet that they saw you welling up at the Mormon Ads. Loved your mothers tribute. The cards you made are so amazing and fun. You are quite the artist! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Shawni, Happy belated Mothers Day! I loved checking out Mabry’s site. He is truly amazing. It has been a long time since we have been to the visitors center. Thanks for reminding me of a fun, cheap meaningful thing we can do with our kids. I even think the tulips at Temple Square would be fabulous at this time.
    I loved your mothers tribute, she is someone that has influenced more people than I am sure she will ever know.

  4. Shawni- I have so little time so i’m coming back to catch up on your blog but I just had to say i tried sooo many times to leave a comment about you teaching those classes last weekend!! I TRIED SOOO HARD TO COME! HOW DID IT GO??? I’m dying to hear. I love Domestic Bliss. My sisinlaw Jillian used to be their interior designor and my sister Haylie used to manage their clothing store called Green B. (that shut down when Haylie quit!!) so we LOVE THAT STORE!! so sad i missed your classes. i tried so hard to escape. let me know how it went!! be back later. thanks for stopping in.

  5. Love that photo. I think you are smart to force some memories. I do that all the time. They don’t remember the force, just the product! And your beautiful photography skills will always help them to remember.

  6. We love that exhibit. I took the kids when the documentary was still playing. A good friend of ours is John the Baptist and my kids loved it that they knew him. So, hope your class on Saturday was super fun! Sorry I couldn’t come. I sent you an Evite to Heather’s shower…hope you and your girls can make it! 🙂

  7. Shawnie- I love your Mother’s Day collage! Did you do them yourself -knowing you, you probably did! You are amazing! You are suppose to let me know when you’re teaching another photo class – I’m still interested!

  8. These kinds of moments are the ones that stick out and they’ll recall for years and years. It’s true that sometimes it’s not what you did, but how you felt. Times like these with your children are some of the greatest rewards of being a mother.

  9. I LOVED this exhibit. I couldn’t believe the emotion I felt walking through it. What a great time to spend with your kids!

  10. Brooke and Trenton, I don’t’ know if you’ll ever see this, but when I clicked on your name I couldn’t access your blog. Anyway, I’m sorry but I don’t do wedding photography. Congrats anyway though! I wish I had a wedding photographer I could recommend but I don’t know any. Good luck!

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