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Merry Christmas!

by Shawni
We sent out Christmas postcards this year with the help of my Mom and sister and nephew who stuck all the stamps on (thank you ASHTON!!).  I have no idea how the hard copies really turned out, or which addresses I sent have been changed, or if the postal service returns or forwards postcards if the address is wrong, but it is what it is from China.
Just wanted to wish all blog readers an extra merry Christmas.  Thank you for your insights and love and wisdom you have shared over the years.  And thanks for sticking with us through this journey of a lifetime we’ve been on over here in China.  

Much love and happy new year!


schweigen.ist.silber December 24, 2014 - 12:27 pm

Happy Holidays to you, too!
Thank you for sharing your adventures.

Irene December 24, 2014 - 1:17 pm

Merry Christmas to your family too! Enjoy these days of joy and your last days in China!

Gwen December 24, 2014 - 2:28 pm

As we arrived back in SLC airport last night about 11pm (from our trip to Arizona to see family), who should we see? your mom and dad with a sign that said "Welcome back Pothiers"! , and then we saw the homecoming (from afar) of your sweet family. I'm just a blog stalker from Utah, who loves and reads and enjoys your blog. It was special to see all of you. I love your family.

Rae December 24, 2014 - 2:32 pm

I have loved journeying with you. I admire your brave spirit and family's tenacity. Thanks for taking us along for your journey. I've enjoyed every word!

Kris December 24, 2014 - 2:50 pm

Thank you for sharing your incredible experiences!!! I've looked forward to your post!

Heather H December 24, 2014 - 2:55 pm

Merry Christmas to your family! I've loved following your adventures.

Tanika Rice December 24, 2014 - 5:32 pm

Merry Christmas!! 🙂 Hope you guys have a very fun and safe holiday filled with love!

mo4fo6 December 24, 2014 - 11:30 pm

Merry Christmas! Thanks for sharing your insights and adventures with everyone!

Kerstin December 25, 2014 - 8:45 pm

Merry Christmas! I've enjoyed/enjoy all the shared insights and wisdom as well and especially reading about your adventures (be it in China or the States)!

Kristin December 26, 2014 - 2:57 am

Beautiful! The travel/adventures with your family are nothing short of awesome! I don't think our family will do this in my lifetime, although never say never! Either way, thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas!

Mangham Team December 26, 2014 - 5:35 pm

Merry Christmas! Thank you for all the parenting information that you continue to share as I have learned so much from your experience. Many blessings in the coming year.

Courtney December 27, 2014 - 10:42 pm

Merry Christmas! I have never met you but I have been so inspired by you over the years. Thank you for sharing a snapshot of your life! From the above comment, it seems you're back in the states. I hope you had a wonderful reunion with your family and friends. Again, Merry Christmas!

SupaFlowaPowa December 28, 2014 - 3:33 pm

you're in China now? I stopped following your blog a while back and tripped across it with a search on lds.org for some lesson stuff and this is amazing! I'm so excited for you guys! Sheng dang kuai le – taaaaa bang le!!! There were too many posts to scroll through but if you could direct me to why you guys are there, I'd love to read. Thanksssss. xie xie! tai hao le!

dresselfamily.blogspot.com December 31, 2014 - 2:29 pm

Welcome home!!!.. Thank you for your card, it was gorgeous!

Célia Costa January 2, 2015 - 3:14 pm

Happy new year!!! 🙂 I heard there was an accident in Shangai, and my first thought was if you and your family were ok. I visit your blog everyday, but I surprised myself worrying like if we actually know each other. Funny thing, following blogs! love,

Marci January 3, 2015 - 10:31 pm

Gwen in an earlier comment mentioned that they saw Shawni and her family at the airport in SLC, so I think they're back and have been spending time with family or something like that! I noticed she hadn't been posting either and was concerned too, but I saw that comment and felt all better!

hysterika January 3, 2015 - 12:00 am

I had the same thoughts as Celia…especially because you haven't been posting. I'm worried! Maybe you're just packing and moving back or something. I hope all is well!

kms January 4, 2015 - 5:38 am

Her sister in law's blog had a blog post of New Years celebration at Shawni's house with them back home.

Hannah Taylor January 5, 2015 - 7:01 pm

Wow, nice your blog writing.Fantastic Christmas pictures.This looks very much.So, I love everything,I wishes Happy Merry Christmas all my family and friends.God Bless you.


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