Well, Christmas is over and done with and we’re here in snowy Utah. Each year I think it’s the best Christmas yet, and this year was no exception. It was interesting how things were so out-of-control crazy and I was so overwhelmed and then suddenly a week before Christmas things slowed down, Dave and I got things bought and kind of situated, I wrapped on a continual basis, and things kind of melded into place. So the actual Christmas really was magical and we could sit and soak it in.
On Christmas Eve we went to Dave’s sister’s house for a great dinner and the annual nativity with all the cousins.
Lucy made a great chubby lamb…no, the hat didn’t last long.
And Papa read the traditional “T’was the Night Before Christmas” to all the grandkids before we took off.
We always let the kids open their presents to each other on Christmas Eve so that their giving doesn’t compete with Santa stuff. It’s my favorite part of Christmas. I wish I had caught more of the hugs and excitement. They just get so excited to give their gifts they chose for each other at the dollar store. One of my personal favorites was the pink fake hair Elle gave Claire.This was one of my favorites too…Elle (the continual competitor with Grace) picked out some earrings for her “annoying” little sister because she knew she’d love them SO much. You can see by the picture that she was right…Grace was SO excited. And the look on Elle’s face as she gave them away was priceless. Of course, she knows she can borrow those earrings any time, right?off to bed with new Christmas pjs…
Max and Elle claimed that they both woke up right at 2:26a.m. Luckily for all of us they were able to go back to sleep until 6:00. I can never stay asleep when I know they’re in opening their stockings…they gather in Max’s room and hang out until the agreed time when they can sing songs on the stairs to wake us up. But I had to sneak in there with them early and soak in their electric excitement for the day. I love Christmas.

Elle got her beloved American Girl doll
Claire got a big doll house for her Polly Pockets & Barbies. She also got a new “stylish” Barbie. That’s what she really wanted. I’m glad I guessed right that a “stylish” Barbie would be a glittery cheerleader.Grace got her much anticipated “three packs of earrings” along with some make-up. Yeah, we’re crazy to let a 6-year-old have that huge pack of make-up (I don’t think if I could gather all the make-up I’ve ever had in my whole life it wouldn’t come close to the amount in this monster pack!) but hey, I’m a softie when all she asks for is earrings (and maybe she’ll let me borrow some if I’m really nice). You can tell by the look on her face whether or not she liked it… Max didn’t get his wish for an IPod Touch, but was pretty darn happy with his long board……and the fact that our hallway was the perfect place to practice on it.Lucy got some books, but was really much more interested in the doll house.
and so was Gracie…I have a feeling this is going to provide some great entertainment for our many girls for a long time…
Dave got his beloved new tv for our bedroom and I got a purse I’ve been wanting, and finally a big memory card. One of my favorite gifts was a seat to attach to my bike for Lucy.Dave’s parents and sister came over for breakfast like they do each year. After years of trying to talk my kids and husband into loving my growing-up-family-tradition of eggs benedict for Christmas morning breakfast and not being able to convince a single one of them, I finally gave up for good and Dave and I decided it’s our Christmas breakfast tradition to disagree about what to have. Dave cooked up three packs of bacon, I burned some cinnamon rolls, Max accidentally made pancake batter for the planned waffles…which also burned. But the quiche did actually work, and we sat around all morning and basked in the spirit of Christmas with all the great family, gifts, and lingering serious bacon aroma (which I’m afraid will be sticking around for a long time!)

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  1. Looks dreamy! I love Lucy the little lamb. Anne will be excited that Elle got an American Girl doll. Anne is a huge fan. They will have to have an American Girl doll playdate when you get back.

  2. Looks like you had a fun Christmas! You are such a fantastic photographer!!! I got a small hand held camera/cam corder for Christmas. Guess Santa just didn’t listen good enough on what I really wanted! I hope to get the right software soon so that I can salvage some of my pictures. Why don’t you shoot me an email and I will give you more info on the refugee help for the African families. It’s lisawlinton@hotmail.com. Happy New Year!!!

  3. Shawns- I noticed the similarity in our trees. Pretty funny. I hope you had a great trip up here. I’m sure you were busy with Charity’s farewell, etc. I’ll see you next time.

    I love your Christmas pics. Why is your nativity so perfect? All the costumes match, the kids are perfectly placed and appropriately reverent – and Lucy is the cutest lamb ever! Our family nativity looks like something the Herdmann’s would put on. Oh well.

    Merry Christmas and Happy 2008!

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