I don’t know how I will ever sum up all that has happened during this last week.  There have been some frantic moments. Sleep lost.  Things forgotten.  Crises averted.  And crises rolled with.  But overflowing bounteously over all of that have been magical miracle moments where I have been washed over with more love and gratitude than I could ever imagine.  
Just thinking about all the friends and family who have smooshed love and service into the crevices of all the things going on over here makes me tear up.  My heart is filled with the love I’ve had overflowing for family who have traveled from far and wide to help celebrate, for Abby’s family who are are so good and who we have loved from the start, for my husband I adore who “gets” me, and is a good simplifier. For my daughters who make me tear up to think about that I get to be their mother.

And for my boy who, this week, I let go….

…just a little.

Perhaps the best way to sum up the wedding would be this picture with a quote from my brother:

“Max doesn’t care about anything more than her.  See his face?  That’s a great start.”

You’re right Jo, that face, looking right at his bride, and hers too, make me so happy.

SO much more to say about that, but for now, here’s our Christmas card from this year to send love out to the blog world…

And, of course, all that love and gratitude is crowned with what today is all about.  The birth of our Savior.  Our king.  Who came to be born in that humble stable to save us.  
May we feel the spirit of the beauty of that Silent Night all those years ago as we continue into Christmas Eve.

Oh come let us adore him.


  1. You should be proud your adult son is making positive choices. College, mission, marriage.. You really can let go. He seems to have been doing fine since he turned 18. Love her dress.

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