A couple weekends ago Lucy and I met up with my Mom and sisters and sisters-in-law in L.A.
I love these ladies. I can’t get enough of them. We are SO spread out that it’s an extra treat when we get together. We have one in NYC, one in DC, one in LA, one in San Francisco, two in UT (my mom and sister), one in Washington state, and one in Boston. Oh, and one in the desert. That’s me.

When we get together we call it MFME because it’s the Mothers and Future Mothers of Eyrealm. I know, a little cheesy name, but we are kind of proud of cheesy. (I’m speaking for my sister-in-laws too who may disagree…)

While we went out and did our “thing,” my Dad and brother watched over Lucy who was in heaven playing with her cousins.
It’s always continual entertainment when you get to hang out with Grandfather.…especially when he takes you to the beach and lets you hang out with your cousin in your birthday suit.And Aunt Charity is pretty darn fun too…
I, of course, couldn’t get over how beautiful California is.

We sat by the pool and had deep discussions.
We went running on the beach:
We went out to eat at great places:
And admired how the huge trees cast shadows across the gorgeous lawn:
We explored new places on the way to more good food:
Went running:

Had some adventures on Rodeo Drive:
And ate out more…
and more…

One of my favorite parts was the Getty Museum.

I’ve always heard about that place and always wanted to go.

It is gorgeous.

You have to take a tram up the mountain to get there:
Then you just sit with your jaw dropping every corner you turn at the beauty in nature as well as the art.

We really like art.
…and architecture…
And can you really ever get enough of beautiful plants?

I don’t think so.We found a nice place to soak up the last of the afternoon sun.There, now do you feel like you’ve been to the Getty?


We also went to this awesome modern ballet concert that I wish I had pictures uploaded of.

My very favorite part though, was that I got to get so inspired by these wonderful women. I’m so thankful for the influence they have in my life.

My Mom is amazing.

It was a little tough to fly from that green back to the desert.
But it was pretty great to get back to my sweet little family I adore.

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  1. You know what I love best about this post? You can't tell who the babies belong to because they (or just one?) are being held by different people in each pic. THAT is family. 🙂

  2. Hey, you all were in my part of town!! Isn't the beach lovely? And the Getty is definitely one of my favorites… although I haven't braved the LA traffic in a while!
    Glad you had a great time!

  3. is your family accepting applications to be adopted so I can attend an MFME? J/K…I love the families I belong to, that just looks like SO much fun. Perhaps I need to organzie my own!

  4. i'm never sad that after 30 years of living in so cal that we chose to move to az…until i see pictures or visit and reminded of what i left behind.

    i'm so glad that you ladies have such a fun time together. it looks like such a great trip.

    oh yeah i just remembered why i'm not sad about leaving. no one ever takes pictures of the HORRIBLLE trafic they encounter on their vacations. hahahaha!

  5. This was the museum they used on an episode of Project Runway a few years back. I know because we had a friend on that show….otherwise I wouldn't have a clue. It's beautiful.

  6. WOW!!!!! You and your family are so inspiring, what a great idea, my family is very scattered and it's sometimes difficult to get together in a meaningful way.What a great way to have some quality family enrichment and build new memories, thanks for sharing your experiences. I'm gonna plan something like this with my family.:) Thank you!!!!

  7. I was just talking to your mom this afternoon at TOFW in Ogden about being from Santa Barbara and she went on to tell me a little about this trip of all your sisters! How fun! (I am Richard and Kathy Walker's neice from SLC)
    Anyways, LOVED the pic's!

  8. Ok, I think you may have just found your biggest fan!!! I just ran across your blog from mormon.org. just looking at your blog you inspired me and then I saw "the I love lucy project". I now have a button on my blog, I am a fan on FB and I posted a link to it and your book on my FB page AND I ordered a couple books. Just reading your post where you talked about the project and you said as a mother this is your fight…totally touched me! I hope I could be half the advocate for my child as you are should my child need it! I think you are a wonderful mother, wife, and photographer! I do a little photography on the side too..hehe! 🙂

  9. I just wanted to tell you that I think you are absolutely awe-inspiring! I have recently found your blog and I immediately fell in love with your family! I bought your book tonight at Seagull Book in Mesa, AZ… I can't wait to dive into it tonight! I've already read a few paragraphs, and it's exactly what I need in my life right now! So… I wanted to let you know that YOU are my Sunday Spotlight over at Sassy Sites. Come by and check it out!! I have your blog on my side blog list and I am soooo excited to keep up with you now! xoxo!! (I sound like such a stalker! haha!)

  10. I love your photos as always. I love that you all are able to spend some quality together time even more. What a treasure and a blessing.
    I got a great laugh out of your dad letting the girls free style on the beach. When I was growing up in Hawaii that was okay because there wasn't another soul around for long stretches of beach.

  11. i love the getty! i went on an art travel trip with byu-idaho this last fall and couldn't believe the amazing architecture!

    p.s. i found your blog (from mormon.org) and love it! i'm an aspiring photographer/mother and student. thanks for blogging, i'll be sure to follow!

  12. oh my goodness i am so jealous right now!! i'm from the LA area and i know exactly where all of those places are that you went to! i'm living in philly this year and i miss california and my family SO much everyday! i can't wait to go back. isn't it beautiful?!

  13. My mother Patsy Dick from Maine/Florida LDS sent me your blog bio.. I am not sure if I found the "end of the line" to respond and be apart of your blogging… I would like to communicate and be a follower (lol)… You are a very beautiful woman and mother your family is adorable.. I also am a mother of three children. My first is Ava 19yrs old, Austin is second at 14 yrs and last but never the less, Annabelle almost 2yrs old. Yes, a huge spread in time.. Ava moved out at as she is full grown… and although I bought a yorkie and tried to plant and nurture a garden… I could not stop adoring little babies.. therefor, one birdie flew out another (Annabelle) joined the nest… I am a 36yr old mother of this wild and adventurous 2 yr old.. Proving the true effect of my age I realize at 36.. it's a whole different ball game raising this child rather than at 20… Although, I can hardly keep up.. every second trying is so worth it, I take more time now and really notice all the little precious moments she creates in my life. Maybe I can start following your blog because I really could use some raw natural "caught on camera" humor in this journey… Many Blessings, Shawn St. Pierre Seattle, WA (Please excuse my grammar and spelling)…

  14. wow! how fun to check out your blog…Kristen Duke linked up to yours in one of her blog posts so i was curious to check you out! And then, what an even more FUN surprise to see Kristi on here! The Monsons were in my ward when I was growing up…what a small world!

    I love all of your pictures and your happy, positive attitude!!!!!!

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