Every year my sisters, sisters-in-law and I have a mini reunion. It’s called MFME (an acronym for the girls in my family). It was founded by my amazing mother years ago when all of us girls started leaving home. Since we scattered all over the place, MFME is totally precious to us. It’s our one time to really be together…building each other up, catching up on motherhood stuff, etc.

We’ve had MFME in NYC, St. George, Washington D.C., San Francisco, and, my personal favorite, Italy and Spain. This year it was in Jackson Hole. We left the remaining brothers after the reunion and my dad in charge of a bunch of kids at Bear Lake and headed up to the Tetons. Man oh man was it ever beautiful. We stopped on the way up at my Grandpa’s farm…this is where my mom grew up helping milk the cows and driving the tractor starting when she was eight.
We also visited her cousins who told us all kinds of stories about my grandma. They live in Star Valley. Isn’t this place gorgeous?We always go to a concert or do something cultural. This time we went to this art museum in Jackson that is filled with the most gorgeous paintings and had lunch out on the veranda overlooking the valley. So relaxing with no kids around except my sweet little three-week-old niece we all fought over holding. We ate at this delicious gourmet restaurant for dinner and went to see an amusing rendition of “Oklahoma” that night.We hiked around String Lake the next day (thanks, Mo, for the recommendation!).
It was so beautiful. I love to soak in stuff like this…these pictures are making me drool because now I’m here back in the desert. Miss the green.

This squatting pose is in honor of my sister who missed out since she’s on her mission. (This is her classic photo pose.)

And of course, you can’t go to Jackson Hole without a trip to Billy Burger, even if you’re a bunch of girls. Mmmm…good, greasy 1/2 pound burgers are the best. The cooks invited us back in the cooking area and one of them put his hat on my mom. If you click on this picture you’ll get a good laugh at what it says (she had no idea).

Thanks again with all my heart, mom!

p.s. how about those Olympics?? Amazing!

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  1. What a neat tradition you guys have! Your parents are so great about keeping you close as a family. I love Jackson Hole it is a beautiful place. Great memories!

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