I have to split up Salzburg into two different posts because I’m pretty sure the server might have a conniption if I try to jam all the pictures into one post.

Because really, if you go on a “Fraulein Maria bike tour” in Sound of Music land, that has to be a post in and of itself.  Especially if you watched the Sound of Music with your family when you got home and couldn’t resist taking pictures of each part you visited that you have to share.
So I’m starting with the “post” bike tour today, and will back up to that tomorrow.
Salzburg is one of my new favorite places ever.  

It is interlaced with beauty everywhere you look.

After we finished our bike tour we went up the mountain to the modern museum of art which has a breathtaking view and decided we better eat lunch up there to soak it all in.

We talked about what we envision will happen in the next year with our families over some deliciously unique food, and then headed along the ridge to the old city Fortress.

Where we took a pretty fascinating audio tour where we learned all about how it was built in 1055 and was so strong that it was never conquered by enemy troops.  It was enlarged and enlarged over and over again by different Archbishops and is the largest fully-preserved fortress in central Europe.

Much more on that over here if it interests you.

 We all basked in the view from the top.

Such a gorgeous city.

I have a crush on interesting doors.

Following the fortress we walked the city.

We had to stop at Mozart’s birth home:

 ….along with a whole slew of Chinese tourists…see all those cameras up in ready position to get that same shot I got above?

Love it.
Anita introduced us to the beauty of Mozart chocolate balls:

 LOVED this main street in the old city.

Check out all the signs sticking out of the buildings.

Such a great ambiance.

I loved the “love locks” bridge like in Paris too.

We walked back over to some Sound of Music spots….

 …just in time for a Mozart concert in this room where Mozart actually played as a young adolescent:

 We were all so mesmerized by the music that we lingered for a while to meet the pianist and violinist.

The next day we had a picnic at Hellbrun and had a little tour of the “Pleasure Palace” there.
I can’t write details right now, but this place was pretty awesome.

We all got a little wet in the “trick fountains” (which I don’t have time to write about but it’s a pretty cool story if you want to google it).

 Not sure there could ever be a cuter baby to travel with.

“The Hills are Alive” in Salzburg in the next post (part 7) HERE.

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  1. I've been really enjoying your emails of your European pics…bringing back memories. I've made it to within 30 min of Salzburg TWICE….but have never actually gotten there. Your photos have inspired me.

    Love your emails & blogs.
    Best wishes!

  2. Bringing back so many memories of my own trip to Salzburg!!! Hellbrunn palace is so fun! Must see if you are in the area! And the chocolate balls are heaven!!!

  3. Not related to this stop….but I am curious what camera gear you traveled with for your trip. On these days with all of your walking and touring did you stick to one lense?

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