Life has been particularly nutty lately, so I’m thanking my lucky stars for things that make life run a little smoother around here.
Christmas cards are always one of my biggest stresses at Christmas time.  And also one of my favorite things.  I LOVE hearing from friends and family we don’t get to see as often as I wish.  
BUT, those things take forever and ever.
And ever!
So this year saved the day because first of all they have the best designs in town to choose from, and second of all, they will print your addresses right on your envelopes.
Yes, you heard that right, you can upload your addresses to their site and they will send you those little envelopes with the addresses printed right on those suckers right back to you (which is super simple if you know how to get the darn things exported from your apple contact list which I had to get my brother’s help with, but that’s a story for another day).
I think needs a serious shout-out.  And a little bit of hallelujah praising.
It was like Christmas when my box came in the mail.
Let’s look at it step-by-step:

Oh baby, that is a gift, I tell you!

So all we had to do is stuff those cards into their already-addressed nice, thick envelopes and have a little stamping party:

…and then voila!

Take a nerdy pic. cause you’re so excited to put those suckers in the mailbox.

Christmas cards checked off the list.

Now to bask in one of my favorite parts of the season:  opening more and more every day from dear family and friends.

If you want hassle-free card making, go over here to to pick out your own cool design.

(They have cool wall art over there too that I have bookmarked for ideas to put on the walls at our new home…such creative people.)

Speaking of the new home, I added more stuff over on the home blog over the weekend.  Happy Tuesday!


  1. Random question here but I just have to ask: where did you find your boots? I have the hardest time finding boots that will fit my smaller calves. I've tried hundreds. Yours look so cute and snug.

    And Merry Christmas! Love your blog!

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