There’s this magical land far away called “Mirror Land.” In this land, there’s this family called the “Spunks” that is exactly like ours. A mom, a dad, one boy and four crazy girls. The weird thing is that not only is this family just like ours on paper, but they look exactly like us too. We can see the Spunks any time we want…just by looking in the mirror. It’s amazing. And when we’re peeking in on them, they copy everything we do. It’s completely magic!

There are just a few small differences between our family and theirs. First, instead of their names being Max, Elle, Grace, Claire & Lucy, they are called Hunk, Flower, Sparkle, Butterfly and Rainbow (please note that I had no say over the names). Oh, and their Dad’s name is Grump-apotomus (self-named), and their Mom’s name is Pixie (she grew up always hearing and knowing about the “Doolittle” family in Mirror Land…the family exactly like the one she grew up in).

The other difference is that in Mirror Land, the family just like ours works together perfectly. When their mom asks them to do their jobs, within minutes, Voila! they’re done. They don’t have any fighting, and they’re always kind to each other.

I know it’s almost impossible to comprehend (ha ha), but our family here in the real world doesn’t always work like that! The kids have been forgetting to make their beds in the morning. They’ve been throwing clothes on the floor when they change. They’ve been leaving scraps of drawings and crayons all over the place. So the other night after Grace and Claire had to miss out on story time before bed because their room was so messy that we had to spend our reading time picking things up instead of snuggling together reading a book, I let them in on some very important details about their mirror twins Sparkle and Butterfly. Because, as chance has it, they had the same issue a while ago. But they learned their lesson and now their room is always clean. Those mirror girls realized that it’s so much easier to just put their clothes away or in the hamper right when they took them off rather than letting things pile up and making it so hard to clean up. And now they’re always happy because they get to play with friends after school and every night they get to have story time since they keep their room so darn spic and span.

And guess what? The magic transfered from Mirror Land into our land! The last few days Grace and Claire’s room has been spotless when Grace leaves for school. And do you know what else? It’s always spotless at night too so we can have a long story time just like Sparkle and Butterfly do.

We’ll see how long this lasts, but for now boy oh boy, I love those good examples in Mirror Land.

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  1. Shawni,
    My name is Julie Williams and I am a friend of Melissa Farnsworth. She told me that she talked to you about doing some pictures of my kids. I am expecting a new baby but not until the middle to end of September and would like my baby to be at least six weeks old when we do the pictures so I was thinking around the first of November. Does that work for you? You can contact me at or 480-834-5292. Thanks so much I look forward to meeting you. I’ve read some of your blog entries and you sound AMAZING!!

  2. I so need this family to move in with us too! I was at wits end today when I had two 2 year olds fighting over toys (one poor girl has bite marks on her arm from the tussle over the stroller yesterday- goodness knows why, we have two of everything) and two of my boys up in their rooms in time out (which hasn’t actually happened in ages) when they started battling it out in the basement. My husband is on call again, and I was ready to put them in bed for good at 7 PM. I’m still left wondering how they still managed to stay up past 9 PM (bedtime) and one actually ended up falling asleep on my bed! Augh!

    Sometimes you just have “off” days. Tonight was mine…

    Hoping your idea helps! It’s so great, positive, inventive and sounds like a good motivator too. I think I’ll bring the story up tomorrow! Wish me luck. I need it!

  3. Shawni… you should totally write a children’s book!! Or maybe Mirror Land already is and I just don’t know about it.
    Love the story! I may use it soon on my “Gracie and Claire” 🙂

  4. could you help us find our family in mirror land? We have been working on it, but haven’t found them yet. Some days I think they are visiting, but wish they stayed longer. You are too creative…and should be a childrens story writer. That has always been my dream. Some day. I even have an idea for a book. I guess it’s never too late to start on a dream

  5. Thanks for saying HI! You are so creative! I love it! Your stories are so great, your kids are so lucky to have a Mom who makes up stories, and makes it fun to pick up! I love this idea! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Great story line and creative at that! I may use this little tale on my munchkins…nothing seems to do the trick with the bedrooms! Thanks for a cute read!

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