There is a “transfer” every six weeks when you’re on a mission.  Sometimes you move to the other side of your whole mission (which can be a long train ride or even a flight), and get a new companion, and other times you stay right where you are.   And keep the very same companion.

Max is just beginning his very last transfer of his mission.

He has six weeks left.

And we just found out last night that he’ll be staying right where he is with the same companion.

He’s happy because he loves that companion of his who is a hard worker, and he is stressed about his area because it’s small and tough to find people to teach, but he’s up for the challenge!!

So much more to say about him, but mostly it can all be wrapped up by saying he adores being a missionary…it’s going to be a weird adjustment for him to come home.  It’s crazy to think that all his life he’s kind of looked forward and prepared for these two years and now that they’re coming to an end, it’s got to feel a little strange.  So much to think about!  But he doesn’t want to think about that, just about how to live up this last six weeks.

We miss him exponentially more every single day.  It’s like we are running a marathon and that last little stretch is making us limp along, the finish line is blurry, hoping with all our hearts we’ll make it!  The fact that we get to give him a hug next month is pretty amazing to all of us.  WE CANNOT WAIT!

Let’s just end with this picture of a portion of the missionaries over there with him.  And then let’s find him in there:

Oh boy we sure love that kid!


  1. Wow! I can't believe he completes his mission in 6 weeks! How exciting for your family. We are so grateful for his service and the love he has for the people he serves. And you get to talk to him next week!!! πŸ™‚ How fun!

  2. I've had two sons return home from missions in the last few months/years. That first hug is one to be remembered. I'm tearing up thinking about those hugs! The best way I can describe having a child come home from a mission is, it is a little bit like welcoming a new baby into your home. You'll see what I mean in 6 short weeks. πŸ™‚

  3. I'm sure you won't notice the days passing by!
    By the way we will arrive in Taichung right on Dec.25 πŸ™‚
    We didn't find a way to serve/help others here during the season though πŸ™

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