(on a Tuesday again)

A few weeks ago Max got moved back to the big city of Taichung (from a smaller town called Jiayi).  It was tough for him to leave that place filled with so many people he loves so much, but he’s off on a new adventure in a new place.

This is a picture of his whole new zone in Taichung.

 Let’s just zoom in on that boy of ours…

 ..and his cutest ever mission presidents.  Love them!

Here he is saying goodbye to many of the people he loves so much in his old area:

“Toughest to say goodbye to was honestly Brother Bau (not his real name) but he is going to come up here next week so I am excited to see him. The whole JIayi ward was really hard to say goodbye to, that was the greatest ward ever. Someday I will take you all to meet them.”

I hope we really can get back there to meet so many of the people he loves so much.

Here he is in Taichung with a bunch of the kids he was in the MTC with almost two years ago:

Love all those boys!


  1. Oh my goodness! I haven't followed your blog in forever because life is a little crazy, but I was so excited to read this post! I was blessed to serve in Jaiyi twice on my mission and I too loved that area so much! Unfortunately, I didn't keep in contact with the members there and no one looks familiar in the picture. I've been home for 16+ years and sadly my Chinese is bu hao! Looks like I'll be stalking your blog again! I feel so blessed I had the opportunity to serve the people of Taiwan and I'm sure your son will feel the same way!

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