Would you write a little back story in your new house? You bought it a year ago right? Originally it sounded like you were just going to do some remodeling.  Now you’re starting from the ground up? Keep the house posts coming. It’s very interesting!

I meant to post this last week for Friday Q & A but I couldn’t get to it.

The biggest reason I couldn’t get around to it was because I was being a mother.  And a wife.  And everyone seemed to need me at the same time before our normal routine began on Friday morning.

But also I worried about giving out this link because I know many readers of this blog have no interest in house stuff, to the point that it makes them feel bad.  To them a house blog is materialistic and nutty, and I totally understand. (here and here)  The last thing I want to do on this blog is to make people feel bad!   I know this is my blog and I can write whatever I want, but one of my goals here (alongside simply keeping a family record) is to create a place for mothers to feel uplifted and empowered.  And sometimes building-a-home stuff doesn’t really go in sync with what I want this blog to be.

But because I’ve received myriads of questions from readers just like that one up there I know there are lots of readers who do have the interest. And being the record-keeper I am, I need to write for my own sanity.

So I’ve created a different blog.  One dedicated just to this crazy house stuff.  Although it is pretty sparse right now, I will keep adding posts to get caught up to keep a record of this two-year-process that has taken up so much of our every day lives.  We feel so very blessed to be able to create this space for our family.  It has always been a dream of Dave’s to build a house and we feel so lucky to have this opportunity.  But please don’t go there if you’re not in a materialistic mood 🙂

Bottom line is that we did buy a new house (back HERE).  And boy howdy have we ever learned a lot from that thing over the almost two years since then!  We are on a journey I had never anticipated.  And it needs to be recorded somewhere so I’ll remember to never do it again.


Here’s the work-in-progress link:  http://www.71toeshome.com/

The real answer to that question up there is in the first post.

Happy Monday!

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  1. Yay! I love hearing all about your new home. Thank you so much for sharing with those of us who are excited about the process of making your new home just right. I can't wait to read all about it on the new blog.

  2. Thanks for sharing, it is fun and interesting.

    Could you detail how you do your 10/20/70 savings? There are so many great places you can put that 20% savings, what mix of retirement vs. cash savings has worked for you?

    1. I second that question! 🙂 when you say 20% savings, is it all towards retirement or is that savings used toward trips, future vehicles, etc, etc? I've been wondering that and would live to hear.
      Thank you so much for opening your life up to so many!! I so appreciate it and loved reading about your new home as well! Earlier this year we replaced the flooring in our house and that alone was insanely stressful for me- so, so, so many decisons over something you would think was fairly straight forward. I have complete 100% empathy when you have mentioned all the stress from building- it's a wonderful blessing but it is STRESSFUL!! I'm excited to see your home as it moves along! Thanks! <3

  3. Shawni, I have never posted and do not know you. I think you are an amazing mom and I am a younger mom and I have learned so much how to be a mom from you! I just want to thank you for showing all of your readers how deeply you care for your kids. I think you are great and I found your blog a year ago but only had a phone, so when I got a laptop I jumped all over the chance to finally be able to load your page 🙂 I started this summer at the very beginning and have since finished, I love your posts so much you have an incredible family ! I dont want to seem all stalker on you I just wanted to let you know you have touched yet another soul and I mean that from the very bottom of my heart! I wanted to say that reading through your blog since I liked it so much the main thought I had was I hope nothing changes or she stops blogging by the time I get caught up and that I get to see more to come. Then I see the negativity you got from your house post and you have had to change your posts to another blog for the house. That is a very nice thing to do.My two cents is I love everything the way it is 🙂 This is your life your home and if you are blessed enough to build a home go build it 🙂 Build whatever you want, you earned it if not financially, as the loving mom you are ! If people were rude I just don't understand it, because you know what? It encouraged me to work harder so that I can build a house too, although as stressed as you get I might just choose something already there lol. Anyway sorry it's so long just wanted to let you know that what you do here is your right and your buisness it's as simple as a click away to not have to deal with your house 🙂 Thanks alot.

  4. I love making my house a home for my family and I really appreciate hearing how other people do it too. I don't think it is materialistic all the time, but it is about putting the things in your home and on your walls that you want to influence your family and the things that you want your children to remember. We are remodeling the downstairs of our home and while we feel super blessed to be able to do it – our number 1 reason is not about the materials involved but that it will make our house a better home for our growing family. Not saying you have to have this or that to make a good home just that I think you are striving for the same thing everyone is. To make happy healthy children into happy, healthy, hardworking adults who remember with fondness the time, effort, and sometimes money you put into making a home that they would remember forever because it holds the values, morals, memories, and traditions that you created/taught them.

  5. I'm SO glad you're going to detail some of the building process with us. We've been searching for an existing home for the past two years (specifically because the thought of building overwhelms me–I'm too indecisive and fear the building process will consume me), but because we want acreage, we haven't been able to find a home that will work for us and are resigning ourselves to the reality that we're going to have to build what we want….the goal is to break ground next spring. So, I am grateful for any opportunity to be a fly on the wall as you work through your remodel and to learn from your experience! I just read your post on the lighting and transom windows in your home– genius. I can't wait to read about both the process and the finished product!

  6. I love your blog! We built a house 2 yrs ago. I remember not being able to sleep wondering if everything was just right for the subcontractor coming in the morning. It's so nice though when you are finished and get to enjoy all your hard work. I'm so excited for you and your family! I have 4 children 6 and under and read your blog regularly. Thanks for sharing your everyday life. It helps me to cherish the little things.

  7. Thank you so much for answering my question! I have already read all the posts on your house blog!

    I think it is so wonderful of you to take the time to answer reader questions. I love your blog and I think you are a very remarkable person.

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