It is monsoon season here in the desert.  This means it’s muggy and there are dust storms that come through, as well as intense thunderstorms.

I personally love it.

One was rolling in as I went to the high school back-to-school night a couple weeks ago and I loved watching the giant puffy clouds tinted pink get heavier with the oncoming storm on my way from class to class, imagining my girls on those same paths and sitting in those classrooms with those teachers.

My girls obviously aren’t too sad about those storms either:

Dave too…he and I were sitting on the porch watching the girls love up all that water pouring sideways in that picture up there.
One day while Lucy and I were at piano lessons the weather was all fine, hot as hazes one minute, and then the next, a literal thick blanket of dust settled into our world.  We watched through the window in awe as it coated everything in sight.  
Nature can sure put on some pretty great shows.  Some pretty devastating ones too.  So glad it looks like the hurricane headed to Hawaii has been downgraded..still scary though!  Elle is HOME from Jerusalem (and we are taking advantage of every minute we have with her for a few more days), and missing all that hoopla with torrential downpours before she heads back on over.


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