All I can say is I’m worried for these parents when their kids enter the dating age. These three girls are so incredibly gorgeous. It was so fun taking their pictures.Their mom is pretty darn beautiful herself…It was their dad’s birthday so we put together this birthday collage for him. And I got to take pictures of these darling cherubic girls. Their mom and I worked up a sweat running around after them, but it was all worth it in the long run…right Caroline?

I experimented a little with these ones with some “grunge” texturing. I think I’ll always like the crisp photos best, but it was fun to try to figure this texture stuff out.** In case you ‘re wondering where this pretty house and yard is, I’ve been taking photography clients to my friend Tracey’s house. It is such a gorgeous place and I’m so thankful she lives so close. Thanks so much Tracey!!

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  1. Your pictures are more and more incredible with every photoshoot, Shawn! I already told you how amazing I think these ones are, but I wanted a permanent record on your blog that your brother thinks you are an amazing photographer!

  2. just gorgeous! Those girls look like they belong to you! And the photos with the umbrellas I love because I just bought three for my three girls online last month! Great minds think alike!

  3. Hi.
    I am a friend of Kara’s. Just happened to click on your link from her blog. Anyways, I LOVE photography and is my hobby and true passion. Just wondering if you use any actions or just edit them yourself. I assume you use photoshop. Also, what lens are you using? I am really trying to improve my photo skills and am just waiting until our weather warms up so we can head outside. Not a huge fan of indoor pictures. You have Gorgeous pictures. You have such a talent. Your family is A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.
    my email is or I’ll check back in these comments. Thanks.

  4. Shawni – I love, love, LOVE your photographs! I have a question for you: Do you make your own collages or do you have a program that you just "plug" your photos in to? I'm having a hard time with mine and I was thrilled to see this collage you put together, because it's exactly the kind of thing I've been trying to make!

    Any information would be so helpful and greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!

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