When my parents and brother and sis-in-law came to town for Christmas we whisked them right from the airport to Max & Elle’s second tennis tournament.
Because of this, and the fact that Dave’s parents were in town too, they had a humongous cheering section:The only trouble is, I think the cheering section jinxed them because boy howdy they got walloped this time around.

Despite the fact that they still looked great on the court……and we discovered Max has passed up his Aunt in height…and they had great cousins to hang with between matches…and they got to play against their good friend Kiley
…and Elle got great pep talks between matches from her great-tennis-player-Uncle EliI guess they just weren’t “feeling” it this time around.

And man oh man were they ever frustrated about it.But the more experience the better. They sure learned a lot.

And at least the spectators had a good time…
In the end, they still came out in smiles…
Again, great job guys.

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