The very best time to see Angkor Wat in Cambodia is at sunrise.

You get there from your hotel in tuk tuks and the air feels light and cool compared to it’s intense weight during the day.
2014-10-01 angkor wat 133562014-10-01 angkor wat 13358
You sit and watch, and watch, and watch in awe as the sun gradually lights up the horizon behind the temple.2014-10-01 angkor wat 133722014-10-01 elle's photos 02332014-10-01 angkor wat 134052014-10-01 angkor wat 134122014-10-01 angkor wat 13418
Then you walk inside.2014-10-01 angkor wat 134292014-10-01 angkor wat 13435
And stop at the entrance where the light is streaming in so beautifully that you have no choice but to stop to try to capture it.2014-10-01 angkor wat 13449
Your daughter is much better at capturing it than you are.2014-10-01 elle's photos 0245
And who knows who took these ones, but I like them…2014-10-01 elle's photos 02602014-10-01 elle's photos 02692014-10-01 elle's photos 02742014-10-01 angkor wat 134532014-10-01 angkor wat 134612014-10-01 angkor wat 13464
Light shines through the towers onto the dewy grass that almost look that the moors of England in the morning light.2014-10-01 angkor wat 13474
…except that there is a big exotic ruin plunked down right behind the “moors” of Cambodia.2014-10-01 angkor wat 134762014-10-01 angkor wat 134812014-10-01 angkor wat 134822014-10-01 angkor wat 134942014-10-01 elle's photos 03032014-10-01 angkor wat 135092014-10-01 angkor wat 135182014-10-01 elle's photos 03242014-10-01 elle's photos 03272014-10-01 elle's photos 03432014-10-01 elle's photos 0357
Let your heart skip a beat at how beautiful that light is…every stage keeps getting even prettier and prettier.2014-10-01 angkor wat 13523
At that point you wonder why you don’t get up at 5:00 and sit mesmerized by it every morning.  2014-10-01 angkor wat 13529
Console yourself that there would never be enough storage space for all those pictures you’d be forced to take if that happened. 🙂2014-10-01 angkor wat 135332014-10-01 angkor wat 13549
When you go to the sunrise once, you realize you must do it again.  It’s too pretty to miss.  So you go.

This time it’s way more crowded.
2014-10-02 angkor wat 13694
2014-10-02 angkor wat 13712
And the sky looks so beautiful again but uniquely different.
2014-10-02 angkor wat 137052014-10-02 angkor wat 13733Stop by and check out all the carved elephants en route to other temples.
2014-10-02 cambodia 0962
When it starts to get hot as blazes, sit and wait with your newly-turned-eight-year-old for all the big kids to make the trek to the top tower when it opens.  (Kids under 10 aren’t allowed up there.)  That girl will be whining, (early morning wake-up calls don’t generally agree with her). 

Wonder with her about why one lady who passes by is wearing a yellow jacket in the intense heat.

Yep, that’s enough to set her off loopy as can be.2014-10-01 angkor wat 135572014-10-01 angkor wat 135582014-10-01 angkor wat 135602014-10-01 angkor wat 13561
She fell over she was laughing so hard after that last one.

That was my favorite moment of the whole day. 

Which is saying a lot, because it was a good day.

Love that laugh.

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous photography! You show the souls of the ruins almost as well as the souls of your children! Love that Lucy! Looking at those photos lets me hear her giggle! Wish we could be with you on Saturday! Love to all!

  2. I loved late afternoons in Angkor Wat. Walking around in the more secluded parts of the complex and being able to explore places all little temples that were weathered and probably a little dangerous since they were so tall was my absolute favorite.

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