Elle’s morphing into her Dad (the schedule guy):She came home and made this up with no one asking the other night. (And in case you’re wondering she really does get up and do P90X with me and she doesn’t like pie…at all.)

Grace is morphing into her Grandfather (the goal guy):She came home and made this up all by herself the other night…not an ounce of prodding, and she’s totally doing it every single day.

I especially like her goal to “settle Lucy for two minutes each day.” Boy oh boy does Lu ever need it these days!

Claire’s morphing into a big girl with teeth falling out of her head…can you tell she’s excited about it?
…and the best “babysitter” there ever could be for her little sister.(This is their new game…it’s called “shipwrecked.”)

These girls are also turning into quite the cleaners.
Lucy’s becoming a coloring fanatic…even on her prize doll.…and a real bike rider…right in the house (thanks for the pictures, Elle).

And Max, well, he’s turned into a pretty darn good lawn mower.
And he’s morphing into a teenager right in front of my eyes.

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  1. I'm incredibly impressed with your children's sense of responsibility and goal orientation. You should be incredibly proud.

  2. This all so lovely! I'm so impressed by all your children, they are a great credit to you. Love Elle's pic of Lucy- what a great photographer!

  3. seriously, elle should not be doing p90x. she is 11 and as skinny as a beanpole! i love those kids and miss them a lot. they will be so blessed to have such good documentation of their lives. i think tal told you we are doing p90x in the mornings here in india. of course we think of you. don't you think that guy is really annoying sometimes though? man, i could punch him. miss and love you guys!

  4. Char, I know on the P90X thing, but I can't stop that girl…she's a go-getter.

    And before anyone thinks these kids are perfect, just know they definitely have their issues! I'm just glad they have so many positives to balance it out!

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